Pet tracking systems are really sophisticated nowadays and they need to be since the time you save in tracking down your pet could mean the difference between its life and death. There are systems that use radio waves and there are many GPS enabled systems available today. They come at a hefty price, but save a lot of heartache and do the constant monitoring of your pet’s activities that you cannot. But the more popular ones are the microchip implants.

Pet tracking chips are the best pet tracking system currently and veterinarians and animal behavior experts recommend it wholeheartedly. It consists of implanting a tiny microchip encased in a bio-glass capsule just under the skin of your pet in the region between the shoulder blades, which presumably is difficult to reach when the animal scratches itself. This microchip has an identification number which shows up when the scanner is passed over it. This number is registered at a pet recovery registry, or with the manufacturers with the details of the owner. It is updated regularly. When a cat or dog is lost, the cat tracking chip or the dog tracking chip is read with a scanner and the owner can be contacted.

In fact, there is no difference between the chips implanted in cats and dogs. They are the same. But companies differentiate them to market them specifically for dog owners and cat owners.

It is said that cats don’t lose their way home. But in some instances, like fireworks in the neighborhood, an unfamiliar cat sitter or strangers in the house can send them running for cover, only they do not know where. That is why it is important to get microchips for cats also.

Dog microchip companies make their microchips available at vets’ offices where you can get it implanted by the vet. It doesn’t hurt the animal more than an injection would and anesthesia is not required. It has anti migration properties to prevent it from moving around under the skin of the animal away from its original site. It does not cost too much like the other pet tracking devices and is universally recognized. In fact, three meta search engines, one a European registry another a world-wide registry and the third sponsored by an animal health organization in the USA have been set up. Many local registries have become part of these larger registries.

It is indeed part of the best pet health insurance – ensuring that your pet will be found if it gets lost.

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Save This Life's innovative technology has revolutionized the best dog tracking system. The leaders of Save This Life are former rescuers who have developed a superior method of helping lost pets find their way home safely.