Photo booths are found in every place that one goes whether at a party, a wedding, or a graduation ceremony. But choosing a good photo booth can be a little overwhelming as there are different styles and cameras to choose from to reduce. So, here is a guide to help one find the best Photo for oneself.

Types of Photo Booth
There are numerous types of photo booths that are available in the market and most of them are variations of two main types of photo booths these are open-air photo booths and closed photo booths. Let's learn a few things about each of them.

Open Air Photo Booth
The open-air photo booths are the simplest yet the most elegant of the photo booth. These as their name suggests as used in open spaces with a beautiful background with a great quality camera and lighting systems that help one create the best possible memory.

The main reason for the fame of these open-air photo booths is their ability to capture moments in natural light and place a large number of people in a single photo. The size of the open-air photo booth's background depends on the space in that one is planning to place the booth.

Enclosed Photo Booth
The enclosed photo booth is the photo booths that comes into everybody as soon as they hear the word. They as their name suggest shoot photo against a closed background bound with Four or three walls like a box. They are used at parties where everybody wants to click a silly photo with their two or three friends.

Things to keep in mind
Once familiarized with the two main types of Photo booths one can think about which one is best for them but there are a few things to keep in mind while buying a photo booth for oneself.

The most important part of a photo booth is their backgrounds because they are what one looks for first and foremost in photo booth. So, one must choose the right type of background or have different options as the same background does not go to every occasion.

For example, one doesn’t want to use a background full of emojis on a wedding photo booth similarly one doesn’t want a royal-looking background on a pool party.

The second most important thing in a photo booth is the camera that one uses to click a photo from. The camera one can rent or buy can be a DSLR, a mirror camera, or a polaroid it all depends on the event.

Let’s understand this with an example suppose one wants a Photo booth camera for a wedding then opting for the DSLR is the best option as a polaroid is not a good option as their quality is not as good as DSLR. On the other side for small parties and gatherings, a polaroid is a great option as they give loved one something to remember. If these things are in one mind while opting for the best possible photo booth available in the market.

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The open-air photo booths are the simplest yet the most elegant of the photo booth.