There may be times in our lives when we are overwhelmed by our problems and need to seek assistance. Approximately 30 million American adults need help with feelings and problems they cannot control - problems related to marriage or relationships, family matters, stress, burnout, depression, or substance abuse. Losses and stress can be physically and psychologically debilitating at times. 

These problems may need to be solved by a licensed and trained professional. Millions of Americans benefit from the services of psychologists in the form of therapy.

What is a psychologist?

Psychotherapists and other practitioners of psychology specialize in mental health assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as behavioral change. Psychologists help patients develop healthier, more effective behaviors by changing their attitudes and feelings.

The things people think, feel, and do can be changed by psychologists using scientifically validated techniques, hire psychologists in Newport beach for ease.

Psychotherapy is one such method. It is a supportive environment, which allows open and confidential discussion of concerns and feelings. In the rare circumstance that confidential information needs to be shared, psychologists are able to answer any questions.


Many insurance companies provide coverage for mental health services. Please contact your insurance company to determine whether you have private health insurance coverage (typically provided by your employer) and how these benefits can be obtained. 

These benefits are also available to individuals enrolled in health maintenance organizations and other types of managed care plans. Learn what mental health services are eligible for reimbursement and what limitations apply.

When you do not have a private health insurance plan or employee assistance program, you may decide to pay for psychological services out of pocket. Some psychologists use sliding-scale fees, which means your payment depends on your income.

Credentials to Look

After graduating from college, psychologists generally pursue graduate education and research for seven years. As part of their professional training, health care professionals must complete supervised clinical internships in hospitals or other health care institutions before they are able to practice independently. Because psychologists have both doctoral training and clinical internships, they are unique among mental health care providers.

Will seeing a psychologist help me?

According to Stanford University School of Medicine's research summary, various forms of psychotherapy have been shown to be effective in reducing patients' depression, anxiety, fatigue, and nausea. Seeing a psychologist can improve an individual's overall health. Psychological and physical health are increasingly intertwined.

Psychologists have found that people with emotional difficulties who receive treatment at least a few times are much better off than those who do not. After eight sessions of therapy, 50 percent of patients experienced improvement, and 75 percent improved after six months.


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