Finding a self-storage unit provider might seem like a no-brainer since the service they offer is pretty simple - storage. What you may not have considered though is that most self-storage companies these days offer a whole bevvy of options and related services that you can, and often need, to take advantage of. Self-storage unit providers are definitely not all equal, and you'd do well to choose wisely in order to find one that suits your needs without going overboard on price.

The first thing you need to do to find the best self- storage providers for you is to figure out your own needs. Figuring out your own needs goes beyond knowing the exact amount of space you'll need to store all your stuff, but all the other services you'll possibly need. For example, if you'll be storing sensitive items like important paperwork or valuable artwork, then you might need a self-storage service that offers more high-tech climate-controlled storage units. You'll also probably want to go with one that has a very good security system since you don't want to depend on just your heavy-duty lock to keep thieves out.

Next, you need to prioritize your needs. Some items on your "needs list" might not be needs at all, like a coffee shop or even 24/7 access to your unit. List down which of your needs are non-negotiable and then list the rest of the features/services you'd like but don't need in order of importance to you. Once you figure out your needs and have rated them according to priority, then you can start researching the different storage companies near you.

When comparing storage units, start with your "needs list" and not your budget. Obviously, you can cross out any storage units that do not offer any of your non-negotiable. However, if it's only wanted or preference that is not available, then don't cross out a company, especially if they offer competitive rates.

Once you've narrowed down the storage units to those that offer all the things you need, then it's time to ask for quotes to figure out which offers the best price. Don't forget that when comparing prices, inclusions may differ so that a direct comparison might not be possible. Factor in not only the basic rental fees, but add-on fees for any additional service you need (want), taxes (if not included), and any discounts or promos you might be eligible for.

Last but not least, factor in the proximity of the self-storage location because while it may not be part of the fees, it'll end up affecting you financially in terms of gas money as you shuttle back and forth from your storage unit. This may not be that important for those who won't be visiting their units regularly but is important for those who need to access it frequently. It can also cost you though even if you won't really be going back and forth, depending on the moving company you hire to get your stuff to the unit because some moving trucks may charge you more after a specified number of kilometres.

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