If the thermometer column inexorably crawled down, this means only one thing - it's time to warm up. And it is not necessary to wear forty clothes under the jacket - in order not to freeze in the harsh winter cold, just one good sweater is enough. The main advantage of this thing is its versatility: a correctly selected jumpers for women can be worn "in a feast, in the world, and in good people." But how to choose a women's sweater so that it not only warms, but also decorates? It is enough to know a few secrets, which we will gladly share with you in this article.

The first thing you need to do is to objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of your own figure, without exaggerating or embellishing reality. Done? Now you can move on to the main dish - choosing the style of the sweater, taking into account all the features of your physique.

To hide the wide hips , look at the models just above the pelvic line. A short complement to a sweater of this length is shortened sleeves or a collar. But products that end at the level of the hips should not be worn - they will visually make you heavier.

If your feature is wide shoulders and narrow hips, take a look at long cardigans or sweaters that freely diverge to the bottom. A deep V-neck, a simple style, dense material and a print with a vertical strip are additional "pluses" in favor of the option you like. Avoid sweaters with a voluminous top - such a style on a “pear” figure will not look too advantageous. Find more at the

collageWant to know which sweater to choose to mask a bulging tummy ? The recipe is simple - the length to the middle of the thigh, shortened sleeves and a free belt. It is also worth taking a closer look at cardigans with an asymmetric cut, slightly flared to the bottom. Too much sweaters, products with horizontal lines, and options with round prints on the chest or belly will have to be put aside.

Visually enlarge the bust will help large-knit sweaters with a bright pattern in the chest area, wrap cardigans with a high waist, products with a closed neck, as well as with a shallow asymmetric or U-neck.

If you are a plus size girl , when choosing a sweater, start from the color and texture of the clothes. See the pronounced texture (expressive patterns, large knitting, thick thread)? So, choose the color as dark as possible, since the same options in light performance will fill you up. In addition, prints with vertical stripes, large V-shaped cuts, slightly shortened sleeves, and a combination of fabrics that differ in texture will help to make the silhouette more elegant.


The easiest way to determine the approximate size of a sweater is to measure the chest circumference and divide the resulting figure in half. For example, if your chest volume is 92 centimeters, it’s worth looking at models of the 46th size. Did you get an intermediate result that does not correspond to any accepted size, for example, 94 centimeters? Round it up and make a choice in favor of products of the 48th size.

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