You wonder about the relevance of using the services of an accountant - or you are looking for the ideal provider to help you in keeping your accounting and support you in your financial and strategic decisions. This article tells you what you need to know to make the right choice of New York accountant.

Driving a business is not always an easy thing, it often requires a brave spirit as well as a lot of effort.
Keeping your accounts, managing your obligations (tax, social, etc.) and developing your business can quickly exhaust the entrepreneur.

Being accompanied by a professional is sometimes very interesting, the accountant is the one who perfectly embodies this role, thanks to its expertise and versatility, it can provide real support to the business leader: help him to focus on its core business and what matters most to it, the growth of its business.

What are the areas of intervention of an accountant?
As the name suggests, the accountant is an expert in accounting, but not only, his transversal vision supported by his experience, allows him to answer all the issues related to the life of the company, since birth until transmission.

How to choose a chartered accountant?

The accountant is the first point of contact for the entrepreneur, so his choice is a strategic decision, which must be studied carefully. For this reason it is important to ask the right questions from the start, why call on a chartered accountant? Is it for an accounting outfit? Management consulting? Legal advice? What are his skills? Etc. Once your need is determined, it is then necessary to take into account certain elements:

• The cost of the service: the cost of the service may vary according to several factors (the size of the company, the services requested, the duration of the intervention, etc.), it is therefore necessary to make a comparison between services identical, and choose those that meet the criteria set by the company's strategy.
• Proximity: for an effective accompaniment, it is essential to choose a chartered accountant who understands very well the trade and the sector of his customer.
• Reactivity: a responsive accountant must respond to your requests and queries in a fast and efficient manner.
• The human aspect: a good feeling can create an era of trust that often translates into lasting collaboration, the choice of an accountant must also be based on this factor.

How is the accompaniment?

As previously stated, the accountant is the privileged professional of the entrepreneur, he can accompany him in all issues related to his business. For an effective accompaniment, the two parts must respect their obligations, contained in the letter of mission:

The accountant must respect the code of ethics of his profession, and provide the head of enterprise with its expertise and skills, and this in the best conditions (speed, availability, responsiveness, efficiency, and respect for professional secrecy, etc.).

The entrepreneur must guarantee his partner satisfactory working conditions (the welcome and kindness, provide all the necessary documents for the smooth running of the mission, the payment of fees in time, etc.).

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