When you are looking to put your affairs in order, it becomes important to choose the best possible estate attorney in your area. Choosing an estate attorney to represent you is a pretty important task and it cannot be left to chance. Here are some tips on how to choose an estate attorney.

  • Don’t be limited by geography

The attorney has to be licensed to work in your state, but don’t limit your search in terms of geography. You will find a few attorneys in your local area who are specialized in estate planning. You need to pick the best one from them.

  • Get a referral from another attorney

If you are in touch with a regular attorney you can ask them to give you a referral to the best estate attorney that they know. The attorney in question has to be good at what he or she does and also specializing in wills and estates.

  • Do not go by internet directories

Be cautious of internet directories that promise you a qualified estate attorney. There are many companies that promise to find you the best attorney. But you should take that with a pinch of salt because these directories are akin to the yellow pages and do not have anything substantial. If you need to procure an attorney online you should be using sites that are third party verified. This indicates that the site is not paid to list the particular attorney and is based on the competencies of the attorney.

  • Does the attorney specialize in estate planning?

A lot of attorneys say that they are specialists in estate planning. However the real question is whether they practice estate planning solely. Just like a doctor who specializes in areas like cardiology, oncology or general practice, the estate attorney will be specializing in a particular area of law and will be well versed in all the legal aspects of this particular field.

  • Do not go by Bar Association referral hotlines

The bar association referral hotlines comprise of attorneys who have paid a fee to be listed. The names of the attorneys will be coming up on a rotation basis and have no connection with how good the attorney actually is.

  • Steer clear of the hype

Many attorneys today have slogans attached with them like “we care for you” and so on. As an attorney it is their duty to protect your assets, so don’t fall for these slogans.

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