According to statista smartphone users around the world expected to reach 2.87 billion by the end of 2020. You know what does it means? About one quarter of the global population is just one application away from you.
Should small business invest in app a survey by Clutch in 2018, Closer to 42% of small businesses have a mobile app, & the other 30% have plans to build one soon. So it is very important to do a research before selecting an mobile app developer or an iOS one.
Here a major question arises how to find an app development company?

Define the Scope of Your Application

Every small business might not need end to end mobile app development services. Now a question arises what is end to end mobile app development services? And the answer is: design and development, deployment, marketing, & customer support. You should be crystal clear what services you need for your mobile application development and you need to find out what to look in a android app development company mobile app developer
Hence, defining scope of your app needs helps you to find the ideal agency that fits accurate to your needs.

Review Apps, the Company, Has Previously Completed

Have a look at portfolio of app Development Company, most of the companies showcase their work on their website. You may download any of their applications, download and play around them.Dont hesitate to ask them about their work process and flow. What are the strategies android app development company will use to meet your requirements?

Over half of the small businesses millennials 55% have an app but only 13% of small businesses owned by baby boomers have one.

Checkout App Development Company’s Expertise

It helps you to determine knowledge and creativity of the app development company. As they provide you examples of app development services they have delivered to their customers in a similar industry as you and the problems they faced, it gives you clear message that the team is capable enough or not.
Also, if you wish to build an app for Android and IOS customers, then you need a hybrid or a cross-platform app development company that has the good team for the task. Mostly, a mobile app developers that builds Android, IOS and hybrid apps have experience of working with cross platforms. If you want to create a native app for Android or IOS, make sure your app agency is well-informed about the guideline of your required platform.
App Development Company will provide you support after release and launch process, Also, ask them how they have plan to do it.Any best mobile app development company would love to share these details and even help with the process.

Take Cost Estimates

Normally, the cost of an app development will vary start from $2,000 to $100,000 depending on dozens of factors like if it’s a platform or custom-built.
If you have a small budget then a cross-platform would be the best option for you. Ask your partner app development agency about their payment schedule & policy. For example, if you have a plan to pay-in-advance or in pieces and when are the installments due. It would be good approach if you write them down or ask them to share a proposal in written with you.
Keep in mind native app development cost is bit high, if you are a small firm never consider that option.

Evaluate Communication Level of Company

Once you have selected the team, ask them about the medium of communication. If they are working remotely, then Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, whats app, Email would be the best options. The person who will be in contact with you throughout the development of the project must understand your native language well. There is no doubt, effective communication also increases the chances of making a successful app within the deadline.

Ask About App Support & Maintenance Services

Decide support and maintenance charges in advance, also ask them for each release fee, deployment fee, fee for fixing a bug, if they offer any free support, if yes then how much etc..

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