When choosing your new R.V. it is important to know which model want and what will be the best for you. It has to be the right vehicle for you as the price spectrum for these vehicles can range from the price of an average family car to over half a million dollars, and also there are other factors which will determine the purchase as well like vehicle storage and running costs. To determine which one will suit your needs you first need to learn about the eight different types.

The first type is the Class A Motor home; these are often the most expensive of them all. The Class A is tailor built to your specific requirements. As the customer you are also the designer, and you say how big and what goes into your R.V. depending on your budget.

The second is the Class B; this is generally the same as the Class A however it is built by converting a van but by raising the roof to achieve more space and is a lot cheaper then the Class A.

The third is Class C; this is bigger then the Class B but follows the same principal, it uses a larger van; something like an international chassis or a large General Motors van.

The fourth is the travel trailer; and as it’s name say’s it is a trailer that is towed but then it becomes more like a Class A as you can then design it as you want. This option is better for people with RV parking issues, as RV storage is an easier option.

The fifth is the Fifth wheel trailer, these are larger versions of the travel trailer and because of that they are more likely to be more luxurious inside but because of the size they require a larger vehicle to tow the trailer.

The sixth is the Folding Trailer; this is the entry level as it is an ideal starting point to find out if people like the R.V. life. They simple fit onto a trailer and once you have arrived at the campsite they unfold to give a surprising amount of space.

The Truck Camper is the seventh in the list. It is a solid version of the Folding Trailer, but instead it slides onto the back of a pick up truck, unfortunately these tend to be the smallest.

Finally number eight is the Sport Utility Recreational Vehicle or S.U.R.V. to abbreviate, these are motor homes with there own garage for dirt bikes, quads or boats hence the name Sports! They allow the outdoors sports activist to take their toys with them.

Now you know the range all that is left to do is choose which one suits your need best and will fit into your budget. Also remember the external factors like R.V. parking and R.V. storage costs. If your require further independent advice try looking at specialist websites like www.RVstorageInfo.com where you will find unbiased reviews and help on choosing, where to purchase and even guidance on R.V. storage.

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