Putting up Christmas lights during the holidays is one of the most important activities for a lot of families. This is the time to showcase their creativity and also exhibit their festive spirit. Having a Christmas light installation is also a good way to participate with the rest of the community.

After choosing your holiday tree, you will need to consider your options on what lights to put on it. There are many variants that you can choose from which could make it tough to make a final decision especially when others’ opinions have to be taken into consideration.

What Holiday Tree Do You Have?

Perhaps the most important thing when figuring out how to put Christmas light installation is knowing what tree it’ll be put on. Christmas trees come in different types and sizes. Some go for natural trees to have an authentic feel while others choose artificial alternatives.

How tall the tree is and its width with all the branches should also be measured. This will help you decide how long you need your Christmas lights to be and what options you have on dangling them on the tree branches. Not only will a taller and wider tree require longer Christmas lights, but you will also need to consider how bright the lights must be to properly illuminate the bigger tree.

When Using LED Lights

If you are going to use LED lights for your Christmas light installation, you will benefit from the lesser energy requirement compared to incandescent bulbs. They also last longer so you can expect to use them for years to come after first buying them.

Most LED lights that are used for Christmas trees maintain a lower temperature. Due to this, they are able to meet most standards with fire & safety and homeowners association regulations. The versatility of LED lights will make them the more common variant when you look for Christmas light installation near me.

The Case for Incandescent Lights

Although incandescent lights only have warm glow compared to the warm and cool glow variants of LED lights, they are often cheaper, especially in bulk. Christmas light installation services that use incandescent lights are mostly found in business establishments due to their cost-efficiency.

There are also some design requirements that need to use incandescent lights though these are very far and few. When comparing the strands of LED lights to incandescent lights in terms of pricing, the latter almost always costs less. In demo situations, incandescent lights are also used to showcase what can be made possible with LED lights.

Types of Lights

There are many types of lights. Below are some of the more common types of lights that you will find for holiday trees:

Mini String Lights

These are the most popular lights. They have smaller bulbs that can be found in different colors. They are able to illuminate the holiday tree even when far apart.

Wide Angle Mini Lights

The advantage of wide angle lights is that they blend in with the tree when they are not turned on.

Other Lights

Other lights include large bulb lights, battery-operated lights, and animated lights that change in color depending on the settings.

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