For most women, your choice to obtain a breast augmentation is a process that will need a number of different factors before reaching the final decision. One such factor that is often very difficult is deciding on the best size - not too big, not too small - for the implants. We realize that breast size affects many areas of a woman’s life, including her interactions, social relationships and overall physical well-being. We wish to ensure that patients hold the resources and direction to find the perfect breast implant size!

Here are some of the most important factors to consider and discuss with your doctor before settling on what implant size to decide for your breast augmentation.

Body Measurements
We all know that bra cups are usually sized within a, B, C or more, but implants are measured in cubic centimeters - cc for short. For about every 150 to 200 ccs, the chest will most likely increase about one or one and a half cup sizes. That can vary somewhat depending on your unique measurements and even the bra maker, but it offers you a concept! You can always put on different sizes with particular bras during your assessment to observe how the implants look and feel on the body.

With such a large selection of sizes, it’s important to understand that not every woman’s physique and breasts can handle implants higher through to the scale. Your body type, like the width of your natural chest and condition and size of the upper body wall, will factor in to the ideal size of implant to set-up the required fullness, condition, and profile.

The body type, like the width of your natural breasts and condition and size of the chest wall, will factor in to the ideal size of implant to produce the required fullness, shape, and profile.

Body Shape & Frame
It will come as no surprise that larger breasts, whether natural or augmented, are heavy. This may take a toll on the woman’s overall body. Women with larger frames and/or more robust muscles are best outfitted to take care of large breasts implants, but even they can be vunerable to issues. Choosing a too-large breast implant size can result in fatigue, again and shoulder pain, and probably even the necessity for a breast reduction.

Based on your shape, a high, average, or low account may work best. For all those with a tiny structure, a high account may be ideal because this program has a narrower width. While a low size option may work for those with broad shoulders and a larger body to create an even proportion.

Lifestyle Factors
Now that we've covered several body-related things to consider, it’s a chance to talk about lifestyle. For active women, runners, or women with an increase of physically demanding careers, larger breasts implants may well not be ideal. It’s simple: the bigger the breasts, a lot more tiresome and probably painful it'll be to carry the excess weight while working, running, weight lifting or participating in a sport.

It’s also important for you to think about what kinds of clothing you normally prefer to wear, if those items will be appropriate for larger breasts implant sizes. Enhancement will surely affect how shirts, bras, swimsuit tops, and dresses fit, and additional types of procedures like lifts or reconstructions will affect things even further.

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