Carpets are one of the areas in the home that require special attention when it comes to the weekly clean and seasonal maintenance sessions. Maintaining a carpet in the home or workplace often involves heavy duty cleaning supplies as well as a range of specialised chemicals. Good carpet maintenance is necessary for good health, especially where common dust and damp allergies are a concern, and for maintaining tidiness throughout the house as a whole.

Some cleaning supplies you might require for taking care of your carpets might be domestic steam carpet machines, fabric shampoos, spot stain removers,carpet blowers, vacuums and specialised carpet chemicals. You will require a different mix of cleaning supplies depending on the size, age and quality of your carpets. Where pure wool carpets require sensitive and thorough cleaning supplies, synthetic carpets can be treated with harsh chemicals but stand a risk of melting if the wrong method is used.

To get rid of stains in your carpet, it is usually necessary to attack spills as quickly as possible with the appropriate methods. If you respond quickly enough to a spilt drink, before it becomes a stain, the only supply necessary should be water and a fresh cloth. For more diabolical substances you will need to use more specialised solutions, such as a commercial carpet stain remover. In many cases it can be useful to match the cleaning supply to the specific stain, such as red wine, sugary cordial or oily sauce.

If you are keen on finding natural cleaning supplies to use around your house, you will already know that vinegar is a powerful tool in home maintenance, but did you know that you can even use a vinegar solution to steam your carpets? To keep your carpets naturally fresh, simply sprinkle baking soda lightly over your floors and then spray with a half water/ half vinegar solution to saturate. This mixture then needs to be worked in to the fibres of your carpet then sucked up with a vacuum and you are ready to steam your carpets without any harmful chemicals.

Although maintaining your carpets can be a pain, the rewards are worth it as you get to enjoy a soft and comforting surface that is a pleasure to walk or sit on, and reap the benefits of improved air quality and a fresher smelling home. For a healthy and comfortable home, try to give your carpet some attention, with cleaning supplies such as a dilute mixture of ammonia and water, once a month or at least once a season. By maintaining your carpets this frequently you will also save money by avoiding the costly professional dry clean necessary for getting rid of deeply set in dirt.

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