Deciding on the interior colors of your house is not an easy job. You are faced with the fact that you will have to live with your choices, even if you get it wrong. Interior color of a house has a lot to do with your personal preferences and don’t be scared by what the neighbors think. Here are some tips on choosing the right colors for your home.

  • Take furniture and décor into account

If you are going to stick with your décor and furniture, then try to consider colors that will compliment them. It is easier to choose a paint color for furniture and décor than vice versa. It will also give you the basis for the range of colors that you can actually use.

You cannot expect to go to a paint shop and have access to your perfect color. You have to spend some time on sites like Pinterest where you can look at pictures of walls painted with your favorite colors. After you have a dozen or so preferred wall colors on your board, you can expect to have a good feel of the right colors.

  • If doubtful, go with neutrals

Neutral home paint colors are not boring at all. Put that thought out of your mind. If you are putting your home on the real estate market, they can be some of the best interior colors. Grey and warm white neutral tones give the buyers a base on which to swap around their furniture.

  • Tester pots

Tester pots are your partner in crime when you are deciding what color to paint the inner walls with. It makes sense to buy a small sample of the preferred color instead of buying whole gallons. Remember that paint colors can look very different once they are applied and have dried.  The color will also look different in different light and at different times of the day. If you are thinking of experimenting with some bold colors, going for tester pots is highly recommended.

  • Interior decoration rules

A pretty standard mode of painting is to use a darker shade on the floor, medium colors on the walls and lighter colors on the ceilings. Another rule is to use the color ratio of 60-30-10 (walls-furniture-accessories) to make sure there is balance.

  • Paint Sheen

Your paint color sheen is also quite important. Semi -gloss enamel or satin will accentuate minor flaws but it is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens because marks can easily be wiped off. If you are faced with doubt, ask your paint store professional to recommend the sheen of the paint.

By and large, the above points will help to decide the right colors for your home. If you are looking for painters, search for Painter, Commercial Painting, house painters, or house painting.

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