In shoe stores, there are more and more options that exist in men's dress shoes. From classic models, not so classic and daring.

In the field of fashion there is consensus in pointing out that the shoe is one of the main elements that complement the men's wardrobe, formal or informal, and that can be decisive when choosing the perfect combination. Therefore, we need to ask you: Do you know how to choose dress shoes?

Choosing comfortable dress shoes should not be complicated. Above all, choose shoes that fit your feet, instead of your feet fitting in your shoes. Currently there are shoe manufacturers for very comfortable dresses with comfort quality.

Before leaving stores, keep in mind that the classic is always imposed when dressing formally, especially if you wear a suit. In any case, there are four factors that you should consider before buying a pair of dress shoes:

• Utility
• Comfort
• Quality

Formal vs. informal

Before choosing a shoe, you should think about the occasion it will be used: for work, for a special occasion (a wedding, a tag meeting) or a party. The work dress shoe does not have to be the same as the one you will use for an occasion where a certain label is necessary.

A shoe for a more formal occasion, may have laces/braids. But the thicker they are, the more informal the shoe will be. If you are looking for a shoe for an informal occasion, you can choose loafers or shoes without laces.
The design can make the dress shoe more for an informal than a formal occasion and here we must take into account the color, material and/or thickness of the sole and the details/adornments of the same. A formal dress shoe will have a black or brown color, it will have a leather sole (instead of rubber) and the design will be as restrained as possible.

For more informal occasions you can play with other colors, more elaborate designs/details and possibly a rubber or rubber sole.

First quality, then fashion

Before making the purchase, it is important that you bear in mind that the quality of the shoe should be an important quality to consider (much more than the "fashion" or fashion). When choosing the ideal shoes for special occasions, you should look and review different details, such as braids, color, material, sole, decorative elements, the tip, and even the heel of it. The sole of a well-made shoe should be cooked to the same, not stuck, as it could easily come off.

Two factors in relation to quality have to do with the material of the sole, specifically the heel, especially if you usually walk a lot; and the outer material of the shoe, that is, they are made of a material that always looks like new. If it is going to be a shoe that will have enough use, to go to work and walk, for example, leather should be the best ally.

Ideally, you should choose some dress shoes made of natural leather and not synthetic materials, these will look much better. Another external aspect that you should check the footwear are the seams, make sure they are well made, that they look clean and that they are almost not noticed (especially for more formal shoes).

Comfort vs beauty

An important factor to consider when buying some shoes is comfort. If the shoes that look great and you think they are spectacular but are not comfortable, you will have chosen the worst way and you will waste them because you will not use them as much as you expected.

If you feel a winner every time you put them on but feel that you want to get home to change them after a few hours, then it's time to look for others. When you leave, make sure you have time and try them out long enough for them to feel comfortable with them (both feet).

It is important that you take into account the length of your foot, the width and volume (or height of the instep). A suitable dress shoe is one that holds the foot and prevents it from sliding inside. It is recommended that there be a space between the tip of the shoe and your foot, while the heel should be adjusted to the back of the shoe but not tight. Finally, the front part must be flexible.

How many pairs of dress shoes?

In principle, it would be worth it to have at least two pairs of black dress shoes , one pair for daily use (office, work, etc) and another for special occasions (weddings, rumbas, etc). On the other hand, at least one pair of brown shoes of the tone of your preference.
Whatever the case, the right dress shoes are those that are not only comfortable, but also that look good, contribute to your image and complement your outfit. Here you’ll get the shoe deals online.

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