In summer we all tend to store closed shoes in the closet and we opt for wearing sandals and more open footwear. For everyone in general, but especially for people who have delicate feet, suffer from any type of problem, this can become a setback, since sandals are not the most recommended and most beneficial footwear for our feet, and tend to forget about the insoles in this summer season.

People with delicate feet should not buy any type of sandals, as their problem is likely to worsen. And those who use insoles must take special care and acquire best sandals for insoles or that include a removable insole to incorporate their own.

We want to leave you some tips, tricks and indications to take into account when choosing a comfortable sandal, whether for walking, working, for parties or for any occasion.


There are several points that we have to look at when purchasing comfortable sandals.

The last

Wide and with good internal volumes. They must have a correct dimension so that they do not press the toes and the instep.

It is necessary to avoid in the designs the pieces and interior seams since if we have sensitive points on the feet these pieces or seams do not affect us or may cause the dreaded chafing.

For this, it is very important to see and test different models to find the last that best suits you. The ideal is to resort to well-known and renowned firms that we already know, we know how they fit and the final result that they offer us.

The materials

The materials with which the sandals are made are of utmost importance. They must have ideal breathability and an easy adaptation to the foot.

The usual thing is to use both internal and external skins of the highest quality, but even more so if possible in the internal linings, since they are the ones that are in contact with our unprotected feet.

In summer, we tend to take off and protect the foot, wearing it without stockings or socks. For this reason, it is necessary to monitor the materials more than ever in order to avoid injuries due to being in direct contact with the skin, since they can cause allergies or injuries.

The plants

The inner soles on which the footrests are essential. In case of not using orthopedic insoles, they improve the comfort of the step. The better anatomy they have, the more comfortable they will provide us. In the case of using orthopedic insoles, it is important that they are removable to be able to replace them with our custom made ones.

Our custom made orthopedic insoles should always rest on a smooth surface. There are times that although we remove those removable templates that incorporate some models, the plants are not completely smooth, so they would not be used to insert our templates.

The floors

The floors are an important part since they are the ones that cushion the blow against the ground. We recommend good polyurethane soles, microporous floors and light rubber.

In short, flexible floors and as light as possible to improve walking comfort and facilitate our passage without extra effort on the go.

The designs

The designs are also very important so that the sandal is perfectly attached to the foot and we do not suffer any discomfort. We recommend models of raised blades with elastic bands that fit and do not press when taking the step and especially models with Velcro straps that are increasingly appreciated and demanded.

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