Internet online relating is growing very fast and many products are available for purchase and are delivered right to the buyer doorsteps. This created a community of online buyer which are consistently searching for good deals and best bargains product on the internet. I will take you thru on how to choose a notebook online when you are surfing the internet and what features to look out for when buying online notebooks.

Credibility of the seller

This is the first important part of the whole equation. Nothing will works if your seller is not creditable, does not have good customer reviews and are not responding to your needs. Choose seller site like and and Ebay which are popular in the market and have a lot of good reviews, return policy and user friendly sale page.

Size does matter

Next is your choice on what size of the notebook you are looking for. If it is meant for work and traveling use, suggest to go for 13” or 14” size laptop for easy carry and lighter weight. For home use, may go for 15” or 17” large laptop for more viewing pleasure. Most laptop comes with various size for a particular model or series.


The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the main brain of the whole notebook and nowadays comes with 2 processor core. This means is has 2 brains to do the processing power it need for your notebook. Speed is definitely 2Ghz and above. The more popular ones are from Intel i5 and i7 family of processor. They have different speed and difference L2/3 cache sizes of 4MB to 8MB.


The whole notebook works on fast and large memory available and anything with 4GB is definitely good for your application program. Some notebook are DDR2 or faster DDR3 memory at speed of 800 mhz and above. The faster the better.

Storage Space

Most laptop comes with 320 GB hard disk space at 5600 or 7400rpm. As most brand computer will comes with formatted boot loading and OS pre-installed, you will be left with about 260GB of space. If you are storing videos, pictures and songs, it is definitely a good choice to pick 500GB or upgrade it to higher capacity storage if available.


Wifi connectivity is the industrial norm and it comes with various IEEE 802.11xx family series. The latest N version surf at 150MBS, several times faster then the G family. With advance in technology, surfing rate of 4G and above will be expected to hit all laptop soon. Wired cable is an option.


USD 3.0 is the latest and most laptop with comes with 2 ports. Do choose one with 3 or 4 ports as you will have many things to hookup when you start to use Cameras, external hard disk or hard reader together with wireless mouse and wireless headset. Nowsdays laptop comes with HDMI instead of the conventional VGA port. And 3 audio port (Earphone, Mic and Lin out).

Battery Life

Do not settle with a lap top that provides 8 hours or less battery time else you will need to find charging point for electrical adapter or option for a external extra battery pack. Your OS software setting for power consumption is very important and this could potentially increase your battery life by 20% or more by doing some simple tricks.

Finally the customer support

Do choose a well know brand like HP, Dell, Toshiba, Asus or Acer, etc which customer support is there and 1 year warranty (good to get 3 years warranty at a small price as you never know how long you be using the laptop or you may pass it down to your sibling or friends).

Finally, is setting your budget. I will give about $1500 for a good branded well spec laptop. But nowadays with as little as $600 could get quite a decent one. Its your choice.


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