You deserve to feel your most comfortable, confident and beautiful at your next special occasion, no matter what size you may be. Finding the perfect plus size dress can feel like a huge chore, and it shouldn’t have to! If you’re searching for a glamorous and flattering plus size frock, read on.

To find the right plus size dress for you, you need to think about two things – the fit and the look. As with all clothing, fit really is the most important factor here, finding the right shape for you will make everything else so much easier:

Shapes that flatter plus sizes

A-line: The A-line silhouette is probably the most flattering cut out there for all shapes and sizes. This fit tapers in at the waist and then loosens as the dress flows downwards. A-line dresses are amazing for plus size women because they highlight curves and create a sexy, hourglass shape.

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Wrap: Wrap dresses are curve-hugging and form-flattering, perfect for fuller figures! A wrap dress draws attention to the waist whilst also defining the neckline and draping over your legs, making it a very good choice for plus size people!

Off the shoulder: Off the shoulder styles are perfect when you want to turn heads and capture attention at a formal evening. They highlight and slim your neckline and collar bones in a gorgeous feminine fashion. If you select a Bardot style that’s also cut A-line, you’re onto a total winner!

Statement Sleeves: This can mean a boho flowing, 70s-Esque bell, and long sleeve styles. Most statement sleeves are just great for plus size women! A statement sleeve brings coverage, elongates your arms and enhances your silhouette.

Now that you’re schooled on what shapes to look for when you’re searching for your perfect evening dress, you can think about design and your personal style:

Colour: Your colour choice is really up to you and how you like to dress, but a general rule to follow is to dress according to your skin’s undertone. If you’re cool-toned, you’re going to look best in khaki, silver, blue, white and lilac. For warm skin tones, you should veer towards hot oranges, reds, rose golds and forest greens.
By following this rule, you’ll find a dress that’s going to enhance your natural beauty. Remember, when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with black. It’s slimming, sexy and an absolute classic.

Material: Just the same as your colour choice, the material finish you go for is up to you and your preferences. Choose from tulle, jersey and Ponti for a timeless look or dabble in sequins, satins and silks if you want to explore a more contemporary vibe!

Accessories: Accessories are your opportunity to add a few personal embellishments to your evening look! Usually, when we think of accessories, our minds jump to two things, shoes and bags – but these aren’t all you need to think about! Jewellery can make a massive difference to an outfit! Consider adding a pair of statement earrings, delicate layered necklaces or some on-trend cutesy hair grips to switch up the tone of your look! You can add embellishments to transform a simple dress, introduce a new colour to your look’s palette or add interesting contrast, the possibilities are endless!

Finding the perfect plus size dress doesn’t have to be a chore! Plus size dresses are made in so many beautiful designs, colours and materials, you’ll be spoilt for choice once you start looking in the right places! Remember to always stay true to your personal style and to avoid falling for anything too trendy, you want your dress to serve you timeless chic for many exciting events to come!

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