When it comes to hosting your site, several options come ahead but choosing a quality deal eternally matters a lot. Most of the startups and enterprises input hard efforts in their business but do not get success in acquiring the desired business results. So, developers are not limited to designing, developing, and deploying the WordPress code, they are also responsible for making a strategic choice for WordPress hosting to ensure an uplifted level of security and performance.

Making an effective decision for hosting can improve your site performance, increase your uptime rate, ensure security levels, reduce redundancy, and provide better support. So, let’s have an overview of how to choose the right host for WordPress based websites. Before going to make a choice out of the available hosts there, let’s understand first the type of WordPress hostings that are considered to fulfill the distinct business objective.

Types Of WordPress Hosting

Prior to making a final decision, you need to contemplate what all WordPress hosting types or plans are available in the market and are being adopted by modern enterprises in what distinct business circumstances. So, let’s perceive what all sorts of hosting can be considered in a particular circumstance to ensure improved and productive site performance.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular and most considered hosting type that comes in a low budget. You can host a multitude of websites on a single server but yes, somehow it can cost you in terms of sacrificing security and performance. Hosting a number of sites on the same server can be a comprising deal as if someone can get success in breaching one site then, can possibly get into any of the other hosted sites. Also, you may experience a down up-time when you host and run a number of sites on a similar server. Initially, it can be a cost-effective deal but cannot work in the long run and for scalable performance.

Dedicated Hosting

If your WordPress site is something that is steadily gaining heavy traffic, going with shared hosting couldn’t be a proven result-driven deal for your business. Moreover, if your site is loaded with hundreds of pages and requires customization too frequently, dedicated hosting can help you to drive efficacious results. Obviously, at this level, you cannot compromise at speed, performance, and security level. Before making a final decision about hosting type, you can consult with an experienced Wordpress Development Company, they will help you to configure your actual requirement.

Managed Hosting

As the name demonstrates, managed hosting is a kind of hosting that manages and takes the responsibility for your entire technical part. If you are someone who has less exposure to technical aspects, managed hosting will be a proven suitable deal for your business. This hosting package comes with ample integrated plugins, security solutions, and performance upgrades so as you need not worry about.

But yes, you will have less control over your hosting as everything is done from the provider end in a timely manner. From managing your plugin requirements to ensuring your version upgrade automatically is taken care of by your hosting company. However, it may cost you higher than other hosting types.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a kind of hosting wherein your site is hosted on a single server along with other sites. Here your site is hosted on a virtual server on that single server. This type of hosting plan renders efficient speed and performance but yes it is quite expensive than the shared hosting. When it comes to hosting on VPS, you are required to have technical knowledge and expertise to manage your server.

For instance, if other sites on the physical server are using heavy resources, your site on the virtual server could be affected and if you comprise technical knowledge, you can handle and manage this situation to ensure smoother and interruption-free performance for your site hosted on the virtual server.

Popular WordPress Hosting Providers

Out of the available market players for WordPress hosting, developers or the development agency you outsource need to focus on numerous factors to ensure the right hosting solution for your website. So, let’s have brief look at popular hosting service providers in the market:


When it comes to availing of the WordPress hosting services, Bluehost is the name that is known for its bonzer quality services in terms of speed, performance, and 24/7 support. They remain available to serve their support in the form of phone, email, and live chat. Enterprises can choose the customized hosting plan or can ask the support cell to avail of the best-suited deal for your domain.


SiteGround is another prominent name as a hosting service provider. They render proven site speed and security with their hosting plan. They are running their data centers in 6 different countries like the USA, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Their support system ensures speedy solutions to its customers to ensure a faster and secure experience.


HostGator is considered one of the fame-name in the hosting industry. It offers 1 click WordPress installation with guaranteed 99.9% uptime and 24/7 customer support. They provide reliable hosting services to the WordPress site owners with the flexibility of personalized hosting packages. Today, many business owners consider HostGator as a trustworthy hosting provider.


With over 18-years of market presence, DreamHost offers lucrative hosting plans to its customers. With one-click WordPress install facilitation, automatic version updates, custom dashboard, and unlimited space to seamlessly and effectively host your site. When it comes to hosting, Dreamhost is the name that always clicks in the mind of WordPress owners. To make a productive decision about hosting your site, take recourse of an expert WordPress development company.

Summing Up!

Just having a WordPress site may not help or lead you at a productive route but yes, choosing the right hosting type and hosting provider can impact your overall WordPress performance. So, this blog will help you to make an effective and scalable decision reinforcing your business tactics and values ahead.

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Poonam Singh is a senior technical writer and content strategist at Infoxen Technologies. She treasures her idle time by keeping herself well read about dominant web technologies & their implementation. She’s passionate and enthusiastic to write on a multitude of technology domains for startups and continuously evolving enterprises.