As people learn Forex Trading Bots have become really popular forex tools. Because they are generally practical to use, especially for those who do not wish to quit their own jobs. It is always possible to receive some good additional profits for yourself and your household. Obviously you should never trust those people who declare to have built a fortune overnight using this or that expert advisor. Well, perhaps if your forex account displays a seven digit number before you start, than yes, you might create a fortune in a single day, however you already had a lot of money. You will need big money to make big money…

But still, a properly designed and created Forex robot may be of use to you. Particularly if it doesn't open plenty of foolish transactions (lost transaction could sometimes take place, the key is the final profit).

How the trading program selects the most effective forex strategy?
Generally Forex Robot researches market trends thoroughly and applies the strategy any time the market conditions allow to. You will only need to test from time to time if the Expert Advisor is effective. There are numerous Forex Softwares (Expert Advisors) available. Many of them work. Hovever most of them do not fulfill the promise given by their retailers. Due to the fact that all those claims are actually built on back checks, on historical past.

Isn't it better to buy a Robot that proved being successful in forward tests? Or live transactions?
That is exactly how Pips Miner has been (and still is) analyzed. It does not guarantee thousand percent benefit within a month. In fact 20% a month is still 240% per year and there isn't a traditional bank that would guarantee such a big interest rate. Since it was released in September 2009 it brought over 200% earnings on a live demonstration, that is certainly excellent. You can look at my test results right here:

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