Ants are found in almost every corner of the earth. They are found in almost all climate zones. However, they are as unwanted as any other insect. Hence, people always aspire to get rid of them as soon as possible. Killing ant wherever you spot them is the only key to eliminate them. Given the many traditional and modern techniques of killing ants, people often get confused in choosing the proper way to kill the ants. Traditional and household methods may include sprinkling pepper on the anthill. It also includes the use of talcum powder. The use of salt and perfumes to kill ants also come under this category. These strategies prove fruitful for a short time. Then after some time, they could be seen again. This process goes on and on but the ants could not be wiped out completely. There are many other modern methods to kill the ants. Most people suggest these techniques to kill ants. These include the use of hot water on anthills. Flooding technique, that literally takes away ant from the chosen place and use of flour is also the part of modern techniques to kill ants. However, to choose the best ant killer for indoor and to choose the best ant killer for lawn one must keep in mind the following points

1.LONG-LASTING AND EFFECTIVE TECHNIQUE: While choosing an ant killer product it must be kept in mind that the product choose must have a long-lasting effect. After killing the ants, it must make sure that they do not grow in the same place again. This is where most of the above techniques fail to deliver. For this scientists and entomologists suggests the bate techniques. It wipes out the entire colony and is proved to be handy in keeping the ants from the place to which this technique is applied.

2.SLOW ACTING AND EFFECTIVE TECHNIQUE: Resorting to fast ant killing technique, is of little worth. It will only kill the forgers. They would not affect the targeted colony. Hence, ants will again come to the surface once the effect of the product applied has abated. So, it is necessary to apply a technique that kills the entire colony along with the queen. For it, entomologists suggest bate technique. By this technique, the forgers will carry food to the colony and the queen. Hence, all of them will be killed slowly and gradually putting an end to the entire colony.

3. CHOOSE AN ANT KILLER METHOD THAT DOES NOT AFFECT ENVIRONMENT: While applying an ant killer, it must be taken care of that the product we are using is environment-friendly. It does not contain any harmful ingredients that could be detrimental to our environment. Again, taking into account this problem, one can say that the bait technique is the best. It only affects the targeted are that is an anthill. Hence up to this point, it can be claimed that the bait technique to kill ants is the best one amongst all which scientists have proved by different theories and experiments.

4.THE BEST ANT KILLER FOR LAWN: Ants of more than 50 types are found in the law. Hence, it is not possible to kill =all these types of ants with bait technique in the lawn. The entomologists suggest that the best ant killer for lawn is pesticides. Use eco-friendly pesticides available in the market to kill the ants of a lawn. The ants like fire ant are very resilient and cannot be killed without the use of pesticides. Hence, the use of pesticides is very important to wipe out all the types of ants from the garden

>Final thoughts
From the above-given arguments, it can be concluded that the best method to kill ants is bait method. Different kinds of ant killer baits are available in the market one can purchase it from the nearest store. The bait to kill ants can also be prepared at home by using Boric Acid, sugar and Club soda. The products available in markets containing fipronil and ivermectin could be very helpful. Apart from it, this must be kept in mind that the best ant killer for lawns are pesticides.

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