Security is the priority for every homeowner. Today, the advancement of technology has compelled homeowners to acknowledge the benefits of home security systems, and security gates are the aspects among them. It's even common to invest in high-security gates. The reason being, land prices are gradually increasing, and hence every homeowner prefers investing in security gates to safeguard their property/land.

Now, there are commonly two types of security gates available in the market. The traditional one is the manual gates that don't have any mechanism to learn. All they need is a push or pull to open and close the door.

However, these are old fashion where technology has now provided us with automotive gates.

Before moving ahead, you must know that there are broadly two types of automatic gates.

Sliding Automatic Gates: If you are falling short of open space outside your property, it's good to choose a sliding electric gate. More often, swing gates are made with aluminium or steel, which makes them light-weight and long-lasting. The automatic sliding gates are good to choose if you want to keep the opening decent. However, you need a long narrow channel to keep the doors sliding.

Swing Automatic Gates: As the name suggests, swing gates require an almost 360-degree circular area to keep the gates working in both directions. Swing gates are available in multiple designs and hence offer you diverse buying options. The only hassle with these gates is the need for large space to open the swing gate. You can consult with the architect to find the right way to design the swing gate for your home and add charm to your house.

If you are serious about buying a highly secured electric gate, don't forget to visit But wait! Before making your one-time investment, you must know some crucial points to find the perfect fit electric gate for your house.

Space Restriction: The automatic gate system requires additional space behind the gate. Most commonly, it requires equal space as they require within the poles to ensure 180-degree opening capability. Further, the installation of automotive gates requires a strong pillar that can hold the gates from all directions (in the open state and in the closed state). If you are looking to install underground automatic gates, you need the top hinge pivot point at about 60mm from the pillar.

Angle of Opening: It is the essential point that you must consider when selecting the right electric gate for your home. Different types of automatic gates require different angles of opening. For Ram Arm Type, you will get a 130-degree opening. For Articulated Arm Type, you will get an opening between 90-degree to 110-degree. Moreover, for underground motors, you will require at least a 110-degree opening.

Aesthetics: Nothing can be compromised with the aesthetics of your electric gate. You must ensure the automatic gate completely matches your land and sweet home. Most commonly, homeowners prefer installing the motor behind the electric gates or underground. It maintains the aesthetics and keeps the door clean from the outside.

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