There are a number of baby carrier and baby sling that is available to meet a variety of parent’s needs and preferences. Most of them are beautiful and fashionable baby carrier that any new mom would love to wear. There are also some gender-neutral baby slings that new dads can wear too.

A good baby carrier copies the way you would normally carry your little one – either cradled in your arms, straddling your hip, or even piggy backed. Here are the things that you need to consider when choosing the best baby carrier.

Best Baby Carrier: Factors that You Should Look for in a Baby Carrier

  1. Fabric
    The first thing that you should consider is how the baby carrier is manufactured and what materials are used to produce it. Choose a baby carrier with non-toxic dyes and is made from materials that are free from flame retardants or other textile chemicals. This is very important since your baby will spend a lot of time close to, or even chew, the baby slings fabric.
  2. Leg Position
    When carrying your baby in a baby carrier, your baby’s legs should be pulled up to a 90 degree angle while being supported behind the leg. This can be made possible if the crotch piece of the <b is wide enough to reach to your baby’s hollow of the knees.
  3. Back Support
    The back part of the baby carrier should support the back of your baby so that he/she is not slouch excessively while positioned upright. The baby carrier should be supportive enough that your baby’s body is tightly secured to your body even when he/she is asleep.
  4. Headrest
    To keep your baby’s head from falling backwards or sideways, choose a baby carrier that can reach over the baby’s head on all three sides. This is very important especially if your baby is still unable to keep his/her head up. The headrest of the baby carrier or baby sling should also be sturdy and doesn’t fold back when pushed into your hand.

Pick a Child Carrier that can Grow with your Child

Your baby can grow so fast and most baby slings can be outgrown by your little one by 3-9 months. It’s important to choose a baby sling that can grow with your child. A carrier that can be well-adjusted can also be used by multiple adults in the family even with different heights and weights.

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Joni Bhai