Is it time to get your own place? Do you want a bedroom makeover? Do you simply need new blankets? These are some common indications that you need to get yourself some new blankets. But does this mean you get to pick any blanket or is there a formula to it? Of course, you want something that’s high quality, soft, and fresh it almost feels like a hug. So here are some clues to help you choose the best blanket;
Choose a size
Blankets come in different sizes because they are meant for different sized beds. Knowing the size of your own bed is what works as a guide to picking the right sized blanket. You know it is the right size if it covers the entire mattress with some inches left on the sides and on the lower end for when you want to tuck in.
What type of fabric do you want?
Besides comfort, there are other benefits to finding a blanket made of the right fabric. Each fabric has its own strengths and shortcomings. For example;
Cotton is durable because it stays the same even after washing many times. If you are an allergic or an extremely sensitive person, cotton blankets are perfect for you. In addition, cotton blankets can be designed to be lightweight for use during warmer weather and heavier for use during winter.
Down is a fabric that has a feathery feel. These types of blankets are very thin, warm, cozy and light. You can find ones made of real feathers and others made of synthetic feathers. If you happen to get allergic reactions from real feathers, then you should go for the synthetic option.
Vellux is a type of blanket designed with a thin layer of foam cushioned in between velvet textured nylon-like material. Such types of blankets you will often see in hotels. They are easy to wash yet remain in superb condition. Great option for people who frequently suffer allergies.
Wool is the heaviest of all blanket fabrics and the warmest. Wool makes good blankets because while you’re able to stay warm, there’s less chance of you sweating or overheating thanks to its breathability qualities.
Synthetic blankets are either made of polyester, acrylic or microfiber. They are warm and quite affordable. A downside with synthetic blankets, however, is that they easily attract dust and static energy. Plus they often have loose threads and wear much faster than blankets made of other fabrics.
Fleece blankets make excellent throw blankets to place on the couch or right next to your bed. They also make great blankets for kids. They are warm and light. They have good breathability and do not lock in moisture.
Cashmere is the most expensive and luxurious type of blanket. Cashmere blankets are durable, very warm and have a soft, silky feel.
Type of weave pattern
The type of weave pattern determines how much warmth the blanket can provide and how heavy it can be. Common weave patterns include;
Knit. These are heavy and warm and are found on synthetic and wool fabrics.
Conventional. This is the normal type of blanket you see in numerous bedrooms. It has a tight weave as it is designed to offer optimum insulation. It is the best blanket to provide you warmth for colder months.
Thermal. This type of weave is loose as it is designed to enhance circulation of air, especially during summer. You will see this type of weave on light cotton blankets
Quilted. You will mostly see this weave on blankets made of Down fabric. This type of weave is meant to maintain the blankets shape and to keep the actual down from moving or shifting.
Electric Blankets
These types of blankets are made of two synthetic layers with electric heaters hidden in between. These blankets have controls that let you lower or increase the temperatures to suit your needs and make you more comfortable. It is, however, advisable that you never leave this blanket in a child’s room to avoid putting the child’s life at risk. In addition, you are discouraged from placing an extra blanket on top of the electric blanket to avoid the risk of overheating.
Going by the pointers above, you now know that there’s more to choosing the perfect blanket than just color. To leave with the perfect blanket know what size you want, which fabric and weave pattern to choose and you are sorted. Time to say hello to countless nights of uninterrupted sleep full of numerous sweet dreams.

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