What is Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital marketing agency is all about one thing: figuring on which social media channel your target market focuses their attention and then the next thing is to create content in that place.
Many times it used to be the case that people’s attention was focused on newspapers, radio and other offline media outlets. And that is enough to take out ads on those media platforms if you wanted to get in front of the right people.
But now it’s turn out more complicated. People’s attention is split across numerous social media platforms.

What Digital Marketing Agency do?

It help you get more sales by leveraging different marketing practices to attract your targeted and ideal customer.

The services that digital agencies offer tend to differ a lot, but in general, you can expect to get these services from various services:

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is a great way to attract the attention of potential customers right at the moment when they’re aware that they need that product. Most people find Google the best option to find solutions to their pain points, so running an AdWords campaign that targets those prospects can be highly helpful and profitable.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is one of the most used social media platform, combined with their massive user base makes it an amazing platform for virtually any business to see a healthy return on investment (ROI). It is easy to use Facebook as there you can target by gender, income, location, interests, status updates, and even major life events that are happening in surrounding.

Content Marketing

Most companies think creating content is about writing blog posts every day and slapping them up on a website. But sales over vanity metrics is more complicated than that. Services that digital marketing agencies offer within content marketing include blog post generation, infographic creation, content analysis, SEO writing and social media promotion.

Email marketing

Email still generates the most Return on investment for marketers, even with all the new social networks channels. Agencies offer various services like list building, engaging with your list so that it doesn’t go segmented, cold or autoresponder sequence optimization.


It is important to note that getting your articles to rank high in search isn’t just about getting more page views or building “brand awareness.” There’s way more to it than that. When your content rank high in search, it turns out easy to capture potential customers at the perfect stage in the buyer’s journey — right when they analyse their problem and need your solution!

Mobile Marketing

It is the fact that over 50% of mobile searches lead to direct purchase. There are numerous options that agencies have when it comes to advertising on mobile, such as mobile in-app advertising, mobile YouTube ads, and campaigns to boost mobile app installs.

There’s one main factor that digital marketer engage in is to determines whether your site gets sales or not? Are your visitors taking the action that you want them to take for their promotion? It includes right site UX, form design, and other elements to boost your lead generation and conversions. Agency services in this area can also be involved in conversion path analysis, CRO goal setting, identification of conversion metrics, and collecting data from numerous website visitors.

Some agencies are more specialized than others, but in general, they offer some variation of the services listed above.

What result do they offer?

Many marketing agencies promises the world to customers just to close the deal, but lack the experts and the skills to deliver. In most of the cases, they keep charging you money every month and say that it will take long to see organic traffic results, even when they know that their actions will never deliver results.

Also, agencies should not guarantee bottom-of-the-funnel results because there are many factors involved which are specific to each company that might result in differing return on investment. For instance, you could make all the right moves when it comes to your marketing, but results will take longer if you’re in a more competitive environment.

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