The edibles market is big, creating new opportunities every day for businesses to offer delicious products to weed enthusiasts. While this influx might give customers more options for buying, it also presents a unique challenge when it comes to choosing the right edible for you thanks to the overwhelmingly wide range of options. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a short guide to make sure that you find the edible that best fits your lifestyle and needs. Read on and find out how.

How to Find the Best Edible for You

You need to consider several factors when looking for the right edible. First, think of the kind of experience you’re looking for. Do you want to reduce stress and chill out? Do you want relief from pain? Depending on your purpose and reason for using edibles, there are some products that might be more effective than others.

For instance, if you want pain relief but want to stay active and clear-headed, go with an edible that has a high amount of CBD and low THC. Products with high CBD content can help relieve and mitigate anxiety, pain, and other unpleasant effects that can hinder your lifestyle. Since these are low in THC, you should still be able to perform your daily tasks.

Today, there are numerous edibles manufacturers that make species- or strain-specific products. This allows you to get a better understanding of the high that you’ll get after eating them. If you’re looking for a sleep or relaxation aid, you might have some success using indica-dominant strains. For something with less sugar, use strain-specific granolas and seed mixes.

How to Avoid Low-Quality Edibles

When looking for the edible that best suits your needs, obviously low-quality products are out of the question. You might know by now that edibles are infused with activated cannabis like distillate, oil, and butter that makes it hard to determine the quality of the cannabis products they used. Here are some tips that can spare you from a bad edibles experience.

  • Know the reputation of the brand
  • Know the relationship of the dispensary with the brand
  • Look into the cannabinoid percentage
  • Look into the cannabinol level (a high one means older flower may have been used)
  • Know the kind of marijuana product used for infusion
  • See if trim, whole flower, and distillate were used as they yield the best results
  • See if infusions were made with other by-products

Edibles made with poor starting materials usually produce undesirable effects. There are different explanations behind this, but one of the most common issues is old plant matter. When old flower is used to create infusions, the products have a high CBD level—but it’s because of THC degradation, which can result in lethargic behaviour and drowsiness.

In the end, though, it’s up to you to find the right edible for you. Just make sure that you shop at reputable dispensaries to at least get started in the right direction. Whether you’re into chocolates, gummies, cookies or candies, there are high quality edibles out there – just do a little due diligence and experiment with different brands to find the right one for you.

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