Pain management is very difficult these days because everyone is too much busy with their routine that they don't have enough time to go to the physical therapist that is why they use medications to relieve pain. If you don't want to rely on medicines and want a drug free solution for your pain management then the TENS and EMS units are the right thing for you. Buy Now :

What is an EMS device?

EMS stands for electronic muscle stimulator and this device is used to reduce muscle spasms, muscular pain after surgery, to improve the blood circulation to the muscles, strengthening the muscles and other kinds of problems related to muscles and muscular pain.

What is a TENS device?

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and this device is greatly used to relieve all kinds of acute and chronic pains such as back pain, neck pain, sciatica, arthritis, joint pain, wound healing pain, labor pain, migraine, and other similar pains.

TENS and EMS combination devices:

The TENS and EMS units are used in clinics for digital therapies. The people who experience muscular pain, pain due to inflamed muscles, and muscular pain after an injury are given the therapies that use EMS units and the purpose of these units is to heal the muscles by giving them electrical impulses. In this way, the EMS units treat any kind of muscular pain, inflammation or discomfort. If you have a muscular pain along with any other severe pain such as the pain due to an injury, cancer pain, labor pain then the therapist use the TENS unit as well along with the EMS units. It all depends on the needs of the individual that whether he needs a single unit or a combination of EMS and TENS units at the same time.

Benefits of TENS and EMS devices:

When both the TENS and EMS devices are used then nerves are stimulated by the use of electrical impulses. In the market, you will find the best EMS and TENS combo unit just to get benefits from a variety of features offered by the two. Usually, athletes are fond of using both the TENS and EMS units because they want to heal their muscular pains along with the strengthening of their muscles. Injuries are very common when it comes to sports that is why the TENS and EMS units are used for pain management. A good thing about a combination of TENS and EMS devices is that they are portable which means that you can easily carry them along during your journey.
Things to consider when using TENS and EMS units:
You have to take some extra care when you are using the TENS and EMS units. Make sure never bring them close to your eyes, neck or chest directly. These units are strictly prohibited along with the areas of infections, tumors and open wounds otherwise they will cause more harm than doing good. Make sure you use the TENS and EMS units when you are recommended by a physical therapist or your doctor. You also need to make one thing clear that these TENS and EMS units are not appropriate for all kinds of pain. So, they must be used after consultation with your doctor.

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