Hair transplantation is a team effort. During this, the donor tissues from the back side of your scalp are removed by the surgeon. He/she will stitch the area and then hand over the tissue to the technicians to divide them into the grafts. These are inserted by a team of technician in the presence of an experienced surgeon.

By performing the treatment with medical technicians, it becomes possible to execute big sittings that include placement of grafts in a single process. Let us share some guidelines before choosing a hair transplant surgeon:

International Organizations of Surgeons

To start your search, it is recommended to contact the international organizations of surgeons for getting the important contact details of Best Hair Transplant Surgeon. This group admits that all the surgeons do not have equal skill and technique regarding the process.

Once you get the contact details of the surgeons, ask them how long they are practicing in the field. It is expected that the bigger clinics have a rate of higher staff turnover so you may choose individual practitioners to undergo the treatment. Generally, the sophisticated medical professionals settle in the smaller practices.

Photographs of Previous Patients

Ask your doctor for a set of previous patients’ photographs. Make sure that photographs are providing an optimized view of the hair. You may ask the physician for the photographs of donor scars that are left on the scalp. The hair bearing tissues are removed for transplantation.

Contact Details of the Latest Patients

You may ask your medical professional about the name and phone number of the latest patients. It is recommended to contact them to share their experiences with the transplant professional and staffs that you are thinking about. An individual considering about the treatment is required to talk to a couple of doctors who have the therapy accomplished by the doctor you are looking for.  

Ask Some Question to Doctor and the Group

You may ask some questions to the hair transplant doctor or the group:

Do they have stereo-microscope? Do the use microscope to dissect the grafts? How many stereo microscopes are used in the procedure? How long the microscopes are used by the technicians for the dissection of follicular units? Whether a single blade is used by the medical professional to operate the donor area?

It is recommended to search on the Internet to get the best hair transplant surgeon to undergo transplant therapy.

Ask the Patients with Similar Skin

It is suggested to ask the patients with similar kind of skin and hair. An individual should meet such patients who have similar characteristics for assessing the capability to undergo such therapy.

State Medical Board

By contacting your state medical board, you will come to know whether there is any complaint against the professional or group you want to visit.

During primary consultation, it is highly recommended to visit the doctor who will perform the surgical process. If the medical expert is not available, wait until he/she returns back to undergo the procedure in his/ her presence. The consultant should be there to offer you the fundamental information on the procedure.

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