The telecommunication industry is ever growing industry and it has a lot of solutions to be used to cater end users. The multi tenant IP PBX solution is one of the solutions used by many VoIP service providers. And why not, the multi tenant IP PBX solution offers a wide array of features and benefits to the businesses. There are many varieties of multi tenant IP PBX software solutions available in the market and this makes the choice difficult for the VoIP service providers. If you, too, are thinking to buy a multi tenant IP PBX solution, worry not. In this article, you will learn about the top 3 tips to be kept in mind while buying a multi tenant aka hosted IP PBX software.

1. Architecture of the system

It is very important that you inquire about the system architecture before anything else, even, the list of features or cost. The architecture of the multi tenant IP PBX solution will provide you the crucial information about the platform as well as how many numbers of tenants can be supported with this multi tenant IP PBX solution. It is always recommended to buy a solution which supports unlimited tenants. However, some of the multi tenant IP PBX solution provider companies sell the system based on number of tenant support. In this case, don’t buy the one with unlimited tenants; better you go with the one which satisfies your current need or the one with a higher version. You can scale up as and when you grow.

2. Have security and high availability

This is not a basic feature available in the multi tenant IP PBX software, but you have to ask for it. Even if it incurs additional charges, it is advisable to make an investment on the additional security mechanism integration to make sure your system is hack proof. Also, get the cluster or high availability setup to take care of sudden load or failure. It works as a load balancer and failover support to assure your hosted PBX software is always up and running.

3. List of features

Different vendors offer a different range of features in the multi tenant IP PBX solution. Thus, it is necessary to review the list of features. Some of the features are common and will be available in all offerings such as, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, callback, call transfer, call forwarding, call hold, customizable music on hold, so on and so forth. However, some features are not available in all multi tenant IP PBX solutions such as, multilingual support, reseller module, integrated billing, etc. Thus, you must check to see if the multi tenant IP PBX solution has all features you need to run your business effectively with the highest possible productivity.


Knowing what you are buying is important and buying what you need is necessary. This article has given you the top 3 tips which you can apply to find and buy the best multi tenant IP PBX solution for your business.

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Author works in a VoIP company that offers multi tenant IP PBX solution, conferencing solution, mobile SIP dialer and many more communication solutions.