Once you’ve decided to study abroad, and which country that you’d like to study in, and next you need to figure out how exactly you make your dream come true. Getting admission to chosen university, as well as obtaining a student visa, is a difficult and overwhelming procedure. That’s why you need to choose a well-qualified and registered Student visa counsellor is incredibly the most important at this stage.
Choosing a well know visa consultant can make or break your dream of abroad study. With so many education visa consultants are available in Chandigarh to counsel you through this procedure and claiming to be the best one is not an easy task. We observed that It’s difficult for students d to choose the Best Overseas Education Consultant for themselves.

Do Research by your own?

Prior to choosing a visa consultant, make sure that you’ve investigated a enough options. Ask in your group of friends and family who may have gone through a similar process which advisor or consultant they have connected and how their experiences with them. Also, try to find out on internet to find out the best consultant near by you with a genuine review. Make sure that the counsellor you’re considering tied up with many universities across many different countries. In short student should do they homework before choosing the right education visa consultant in Chandigarh.

Know about Visa Counselors and other staff

A Student visa consultant or an agency might be so large and been to the business from long time, but this is not enough to consider them as the perfect choice. Check the credentials of their staff. What is the education qualification of the counselors? How many years they have spent in counseling? After an agent is getting to meet you first in an agency and provide you right guidance so you can take the best decision about your future study.

Know who they are associated with

It’s also important to know whether your visa consultant is associated with any national or international organizations student community. Are they associated with any university or colleges for admission process? There are some well-known organizations like NAFSA, AAERI who work with both agents and education providers to assist in study consultancy business.

Find Someone Experienced at your Ideal Location

This is a significant step that can NOT entirely obvious. Many counsellors can have a good track records, yet their aptitude might be more specialized. If you are in same city and find out some one near by your city that would be great, as you can meet a consultant in personally and running process smoothly.

Finally, trust your Instincts!

To believe your gut can intermittently be one of the best recommendations of advice that a person can give. If something doesn't feel right, or you just can't have the option to confide in a potential guide, at that point chances are that it is anything but an astute decision to keep working with them. A good counsellor is there to serve your fantasies, and to help you in living out your dreams. If they're pushing for something that doesn't sound right to you, it's an ideal opportunity to proceed onward.

Good Study visa agents or counselor always keep transparency. They will never assurance Visa/PR after study. Also, they will never cheer you for fraud or fake documents. Good consultants will never acknowledge the tuition fees on behalf of the university or college. They will consistently demand to pay the tuition fees directly to the university. If your consultant is demanding money in his/her account or cash, then you chose the wrong consultant. You should avoid such foreign education counselor.

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Mandeep Sidhu, Managing Director and Authorized Education & Visa consultant in Chandigarh. He provides best guidance for foreign study visa, Immigration, Migration and consulting services. IF you are looking for study in Australia , Canada or NZ. Feel free to reach Rapid Education and Visa Consultant in Chandigarh.