Like most people, I started out my social media career on MySpace. Those days were interesting. Top 8 friends lists, custom profile themes, auto-playing music, and more. In any case, those days have passed and we have moved on to nice consistently designed social media interfaces. Everyone sees the same design when they look at each other’s Facebook or Twitter profile, save their banner and profile images.

Social media platforms now lack the customization features of MySpace. Most also place their own restrictions on media post types and connection settings. These restrictions have led to specific uses for each major social network. There are networks to find friends, connect with colleagues, discuss common hobbies, share pictures, and complain about work, or anything else that is going on in our lives. Each social media network seems to have found its own culture, media type, and user base. In addition, based on the latest reports, the social media networks besides Facebook are growing, with YouTube and Twitter growing especially quickly.


Google for video sharing! As a business owner and/or publisher, this is at least partially how you should see YouTube.

YouTube is another Google owned property, and therefore carries a lot of SEO weight. In addition, YouTube boasts over 2 billion unique users every month. As such, it’s a social network that is hard to ignore. If you have content that can easily be made into a video, do it. Posting a video on YouTube gives you extra exposure that an individual blog post won’t.

Getting into YouTube will take a bit of a learning curve, and may require some expenses for equipment. However, you can get started quickly with a smartphone camera or a screen recorder. Even if you don’t have good views on your videos, you can buy views on your youtube videos.

Is YouTube The Social Media Network For You?

Does your content translate easily to video? Do you want to share concepts that are difficult to explain with writing? Then yes. YouTube is a great place to share video content, and will help you be found by a new audience that may not have heard of you before.


Facebook is the one network to rule them all. Even though its engaged users are dropping, Facebook still has nearly 2 billion daily active users.

Facebook’s platform allows for a wide variety of media. You can post text, images, video, and more very easily. This makes Facebook a flexible platform that is useful in most cases.

Is Facebook The Social Media Network For You?

Yes. Whether you love it or hate it personally, you need to have your brand on Facebook. With such a large user base, you can’t afford to not be on Facebook at this point.


Ah yes, Twitter. The fast moving, 280 character, link and quote machine. Twitter is one of the must-haves for nearly any niche. There is a great deal that can be done on Twitter, as well as millions of people to connect with. No matter what you’re interested in or writing about, there will be someone else with the same interests on Twitter.

Is Twitter The Social Media Network For You?

If you have a website or an online brand of any sort, then yes. No matter what you are trying to sell or share, you’ll find interested people on Twitter. Its ease of use makes it a good introductory network into social media.

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