When choosing sports shoes, you often pay attention to eye-catching designs and colors, forgetting how much time you need to replace them, and how to choose them best. Therefore, the post will show you the way to choose the best one for yourself especially the best shoes for standing all day and dangerous if you choose wrong shoes.
1 The dangers of choosing a wrong sports shoes
When playing sports, people can face the risk of foot, ankle and other injuries. However, if you bring a suitable sports shoe, you can minimize these injuries. You have to make sure that your feet fit comfortably in your shoes. Shoes must fit the shape of your feet not too wide or too tight. If it is too tight, the right foot for the shoe may lead to the following dangers
- Blisters
- Bottle legs, lumpy
- Joint inflammation of the toes
- Bottle bottling department
- Toe feet down
- Foot deformity
- Causes foot wounds, laryngospits and other serious injuries
If you participate in a sport or practice 3 times a week, sneakers are the best choice for you. Sports shoes have been designed specifically for specific activities that fit the nature of the sport and the weight of the body. This design protects the area of the foot when faced with stress at work.
2 How to choose the best shoes
- Try both feet when measuring your shoes. Because the feet can increase or decrease in size than your old shoes bought, so you don’t forget or miss the step when buying a new shoe.
- Try the shoes on your biggest foot. Most people have one foot bigger than the other.
- Wear shoes with the type of socks and sports clothes you will wear. In fact, some people think that the step is not necessary but each shoe will suitable with a type of cloth, so it will help you find the best one for yourself.
- Shake your toes. If you are free to shuffle all of your toes in a small space then that shoe is right for you
- Pay attention to size and design of each type of shoes. Actually, each shoe brands will often different, so you should refer to some brands before buying one.
- Make sure that you feel comfortable when wearing the shoe.
- If possible, you should wear the shoe for walking or running a short distance to ensure you have complete confidence in the comfort of your shoes.
- Feel your heels firmly.
2 The best time for changing a sport shoe
Some people think that the time for changing the shoe is when the shoe is torn or old but in fact, any things have longevity, so the time to replace a sports shoe depends on the number of shoe use and the shoe's age. Sports shoes should generally be replaced when:
- You have used shoes that are 300-500 miles running
- You have 300 hours of active activity with your shoes
- You have used shoes with 45-60 hours of basketball, aerobic dance or tennis
Furthermore, even if your sports shoes are not used by you yet, you may need to replace a new pair of shoes, because the external environment can make them perform worse.
Before you buy a pair of new sneakers, review your old shoes to see how worn they are. From there you may want to look for a new advantage with greater stability or better support for your sports type in shoes to buy.

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