The heat is coming and you are determined to install an air conditioner in your home. We help you choose the one that best suits your needs and best fits your pace of life. Let the air run!

What type is best for me?
Choosing an Air Conditioning equipment may not be an easy task and you will surely have to think carefully about what you need and how far you can go because currently the available offer is very large and covers all the needs of many types of users, but it doesn't worry because there are basically three types of household equipment:

• Window: They are easily adaptable to any home, are installed in a window and only air conditioning the room in which the equipment is installed.
• Laptops: As the name implies, they can move from one place to another (they usually carry wheels). They do not have an outdoor unit so it is normal for them to make some noise while they are in use. In return, they do not need installation.
• Split (wall or ceiling console): They are the most extended and consist of two units, an interior that is what we will see in our room and another that is placed outside the house.
• Multi Split: it has an outdoor compressor and 2 or more indoor units or Split to service several rooms at the same time.

How many refrigerators do you need?

Once the type of appliance has been chosen, refrigerators are the first factor to consider. Frigoria is the unit that measures the absorption of thermal energy or what is the same, the ability of your device to cool your home. To calculate how many you need you can do a simple calculation: 100 refrigerators per square meter of room. Keep in mind that in certain rooms the heat is more intense like those that receive more sun at the end of the day, so you may need to raise that calculation to 150 fridges per square meter.

Will your electricity bill go up a lot?
It is true that it usually increases the cost of electricity, but the figure can vary considerably with savings of up to 50% on your bill depending on the device you choose. To find the most suitable equipment, pay attention to energy certification, a valid classification throughout the European Union that you will find both in the packaging and in the device itself. If the equipment is more energy efficient, it is able to perform its function with lower energy consumption, which makes it more profitable in the long term.

How to control air quality?
Some people complain that certain air conditioners cause bad odors or excessively dry the environment but those are problems of the past solved in modern equipment through the use of different types of filters. These are some of the most used:
• Standard: They are the most basic filters. It is a plastic micro grid that captures the largest particles. You have to clean them and replace them periodically.
• Plasma: They are the most advanced filters, capable of purifying and deodorizing the air. They are also the most suitable for people with allergies or asthma problems.
• Activated carbon: These filters absorb bad odors, such as tobacco or pets, as well as being antibacterial.
• Ion/electrostatic: In addition to filtering the air, they emit ions to improve their quality.

How much noise does it make?
Another fact that we should not forget. Not all devices are equally silent, nor is any noise level acceptable to all people or to all rooms in the house. We usually think of the need to choose quieter appliances for the bedroom but it may also be necessary to choose a silent team where we make more social and family life like the living room or an office, where we don't want noise to bother us.

Only cold or hot?
When buying an air conditioner, you may also want to know if it has a built-in heat pump to be able to use it all year long, both to cool you in summer and to warm you up during winter. Most air equipment with this technology incorporates programmable functions both to choose the temperature, function and air speed, in summer and winter, and to start the automatic cleaning of the filters.

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