It is common to hear people wonder what ever attracted them to join the company in the first place. What does it take to get a job with your most admired company? How do you identify a company that is best suited for you?

Even though job-seekers are encouraged to be opened to many possibilities out there, it will not hurt to look for a sought-after list. You can land a job with your favored company with proper research and planning.

What are the key ingredients
Factors that should be important to you are; competitive pay, benefit package and security. As you move forward in your search, refer to your list to determine how the companies measure up.

Because of the benefits of adequate research, this section must be give priority in your search. It does not have to be exhaustive but should be comprehensive. Other resources to pull from to ensure you are getting both side of the equation are, stakeholders and employees.

Review corporate website to find out if the company is actively involved with initiative important to you, its capabilities and core competences. Consider annual rankings, these are often provided by magazines and online publication.

You should also consult with family and friends as well as colleagues. You should use your discretion in the case of coworkers. Keep in mind that individual ideologies, cultures and expectation tend to shape one’s assessment. However, you must be able to form opinion when join with other findings.

Hiring Managers
The important thing is to set yourself apart from other potential candidates. It may not be an option to speak directly to an internal representative, but if you have the opportunity to connect with someone inside the company or the company’s agent, you should be prepared.

You must cite why you are interested and give the most compelling reasons. Conveying enthusiasm often has positive results, it implies genuine interest and by extension a potential job loyalty and commitment. Finally, have your updated cover letter and resume readily available.

Why you must stay connected
If one offer does not come today, it is only an indication that your day is nearing. Check back with the company from time to time. Maintain open line of communication by mails and phone calls, and remember to revisit the corporate website periodically. This will assist in keeping you knowledgeable and it is necessary to recognize what is best for you.

Because job markets change everyday, it is important to keep an open mind throughout your process. Applying an online approach will make landing a job with the right company less arduous. Be well focused and take ownership in making your dreams a reality.
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Author's Bio: 

Mark Irabor is a chief technologist and head of unit, college of medicine, university of Ibadan.