Looking for a wedding venue? Where do you start? An unforgettable wedding day starts with a good organization, a nice point to start with is selecting the ideal wedding location. But how do you find them? Even if you have found a location that fully meets your needs, there are still plenty of questions to answer: Whether or not a reception, whether or not to buy the bar? These are some practical advices for finding your wedding location.

Wishes for wedding location
First you start by searching for a perfect wedding location by putting all your wishes in a row. Do you pay attention to the budget, the atmosphere, the location or the appearance? Do you want to get married in a royal castle or on an intimate pavilion? It is important that you think about how many guests you will invite before you start the search and possibly whether an overnight stay in the area or on the location itself is possible.

Rest is the best ingredient for a great wedding. By this, we mean that it is important for you to do not run from your heart to your wedding. This applies to you as a couple, but also to your guests. Imagine: Auntie Greet is on her way to your wedding, but halfway through she gets a ladder in her pantyhose. She first runs into a village, and eventually she is just in time for the reception. She is just sitting on the terrace or she can drive on to the next location where the dinner is. There she goes: driving directions, deep sighs and after a few wrong driving she can finally enjoy again. This is of course not ideal! Choosing one location can therefore be very relaxed for both you and your guests.

Build surprises
You do not surprise your guests by running from one nice place to another. A good location has these surprises already in house! Think of a good parking space with a parking attendant that greets them and the "wow moment" when the guests see the estate after a nice route over bridges and through nature. The radiant service that goes with drinks and the personal note during the wedding dinner, surprise and treat your guests!

Light and music
The atmosphere on the wedding venue is essential to make your day perfect. If a wedding location is too dark, consider renting lighting. Also ask yourself immediately how the music connection is. This is useful to know for the band at your wedding. First ask whether light and sound equipment can be rented at the location itself. Usually this is cheaper. Also inquire about the opening hours of the wedding location. Until what time is loud music allowed? And is there a maximum number of decibels that can be produced?

Are there accommodation options?
Is there a bridal suite where you can spend the romantic night? Are there guests who have to come from a far corner and you do not have a seven-bedroom villa where they can stay overnight? They will appreciate it if you can arrange a hotel, so please ask at the location or at nearby hotels what the possibilities are.

Advantages and disadvantages of official wedding venues
Are you still not quite sure where you want to celebrate your wedding? We have listed the advantages and disadvantages for each type of wedding location. This way you can see which location best suits the style you have in mind for your wedding.

Restaurant as a wedding Venue

Foodies celebrate their wedding in a restaurant! You can be assured that the snacks are top-notch and the service is well-trained. Restaurants are often fun and stylishly dressed, so you do not have to do much to decorate yourself.

If the restaurant does not have a separate party room, it is not ideal for a wedding with a party night. Even if you do not give a party, it is advisable to check how much privacy you have in a restaurant. Also a tip to take along: if your guest list is not very large, it becomes difficult to rent the restaurant.

"With the influx of weddings, a lot of couples choose venues based off of the style of a wedding they fell in love with online," says Costanti. "But it's important to ask yourselves what feels authentic to you two as a couple, and to choose a space and a design that's a representation of who you are."

To sum up: choose one location that ensures peace. The wedding location itself can already be surprising enough. Adapt your program to your guests and invest your money in the things that make you and they happy. Consider whether it is worth the bar to buy off or that you can take a risk. Deleting a reception is also worth considering.

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