With more than 3 billion smartphone users in the world, it is no surprise that the app development industry is thriving. From the past few years, the need for mobile apps has been constantly increasing. Nowadays, more and more businesses- small or big- are looking for mobile app development solutions to enhance their profit and customer reach.

There are studies that show that on average an American checks their smartphone every 12 minutes. And, 10% of Americans check their smartphones once every 4 minutes. Now, what’re Americans doing on their smartphones? Well, 90% of the time is spent on mobile apps.

If you are a business owner, you can’t overlook mobile apps and miss this opportunity to target your customers. If you bring your products and services to smartphones, it can give you a plethora of benefits like:

Strengthen customer engagement:

A mobile app helps in creating a channel of direct marketing between customers and businesses, allowing for effective and direct communication. With an app, you can send push and in-app notifications to many customers.

Increase accessibility:

A mobile app also allows businesses to send notification about what's new or changing in their products. In addition, it allows businesses to build a strong relationship with their customers which would allow the development of a loyal client base.

Transforming the retail experience

Mobile applications help to drive a digital model and process which would invariably cut down cost and enhance profitability. There are a plethora of businesses that are built and based mainly on a mobile app. Furthermore, it helps to reduce the overhead cost which is associated with the typical brick and mortar stores.

Also, here are top reasons small businesses go for mobile app development:

But, mobile app development can be a difficult task as it requires time, resources, technical knowledge, and large capital. To overcome this challenge you can outsource the task to mobile app development companies in Dubai. With this way, you can easily save your time and cost. As well as, you will have access to a wide client base.

But again how you will choose the right app development firm for your project. There are thousands of app development companies in Dubai, and you have to find the right company that can understand your business and create an app as per your specific business requirements. These are some questions that you might be wanting answers to. In this article, I’m going to help you with some best and proven tips to choose the top mobile app development companies that can impress the users and provide high performing apps as per your requirements. So, here we go:

1. How Much Development or Customization Does Your App Need?

Some mobile application development companies rely on templates for mobile app development for producing applications quickly and at a low cost. If you need a simple app, it is the right choice. In this case, you can choose from several templates and designs offered to you.

Although, if you need a lot of advanced features or want an enterprise-level mobile app for your business, you can consider talking to custom-built mobile applications.

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Reputed mobile app development companies building apps deliver higher quality work, which means a comprehensive design, seamless cleaner code, and a better user interface. Besides, your app will also undergo rigorous pre-launch testing. Besides, an app is specially designed for your idea and audience, which leads to higher usage rates.

2. Always Avoid Freelancers

If your app development company relies on this app to provide e-commerce, customer service, or to promote part of your business, avoid using an individual company. It doesn't always mean that we do not support independent freelancers, but we do not recommend that you risk your medium to large scale companies in one for this project. Here's why:

The freelancer may be a good coder, but he or she may not provide expertise in the fields of design and user interface. He or she can have multiple projects at the same time and strive to meet the deadlines for the projects. It also may be possible that the person does not support after launch. They may not have insurance or nondisclosure agreements, such as the mobile app development company.

3. Is Your App for iOS or Android or Both?

Some mobile app companies only produce apps for one operating system: iOS or Android. Other companies offer both. Make sure to speak to the team about your skills with these operating systems. Verify that the mobile app development team has credentials or certificates. I want to know that it adheres to the best coding practices.

4. Check Out their Apps and Experience

Do you know, about 47% of people expect the mobile application and websites to load in 2 seconds or less? Therefore, performance and speed is an important factor for the success of your mobile app. Ask about other apps the company has built. Do they have much experience? Download and click. Do you work well? Does the design make sense? did you like it

In this way, you can learn about their style. If you choose this mobile app company later, you can use previous work as examples of features you like or dislike.

5. Can You Work with Them?

Your offshore mobile app development team is your partner. You expect them to produce a customized app that works as expected. Still, a good mobile app developer or app development company will also offer ideas for improving your mobile app for the customer or increasing your profit.

For that purpose, you can meet or talk to the project manager or the person in charge in order to get to know the company and how your app development project coordination will be. Ask about the process. Can you see yourself working with them?

Good communication between you and your app development partner is crucial when creating something; is your discussion with the team smooth? Do you think they have a good understanding of all your requirements, needs and goals?

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6. Check References

You can contact the owners of the mobile applications designed by the company you are considering. Ask them what it was like to work with the company. Learn what they like; they do not like it. Did the company achieve the expected result before? Has the budget and deadline been completed? Did they provide some add-ons for the project that was incredibly useful?

7. You Get What You Pay For

Competition among mobile application developers can be fierce. If someone seems too good to be true, he may be promising to protect his business. Therefore, you can depend on models or provide a white sticker option instead of a custom app for your company.

Cheaper is not always the best, but sometimes it gets more expensive. The developer of the high-quality mobile app will provide details on how it works for you and how it works. In addition, they will ask elaborate questions about your requirements and needs. Talk to some companies and make sure you are comfortable with price and professionalism.

8. Check if your app developer fulfill all your custom requirements

Before you hire mobile app developers, you must have a clear idea about your requirements. For this, you can ask several questions before hiring them. Is your app for a specific platform like Windows, iOS, or Android? Whether it is a hybrid or native app? What is the timeline? These are some of the most common questions that you need to ask yourself and must know the answers to before you hire them.

9. Check their case studies & challenges they faced:

This is very important if you wish for quality services. A look at the company’s portfolio gives you an idea of the working ability of the company. You can check the past projects that they have worked on. You can also get an idea if the company has the appropriate experience in building mobile applications.

10. Check online reputation of the organization:

You must also check the online reputation of the firm before hiring them. For this, you can check their social media profiles, and also read the reviews provided by their clients. You will get to know what their customers have to say about their reputation.


7 Signs of a good app development company

1. The App Development Company Is Effective At What It Does

This is the most crucial feature to consider if you are looking for the best mobile app development company for your project. This is because a good company is effective at and sure of what it does. Some companies use the scrum methodology to create a minimum viable product (MVP) within two weeks so that the customer can check and get started.

MVP is the major version of a software product with only a few features to explain to its client for review. This allows the client to inspect the progress of his project and show an opinion. In addition to this, this type of plan puts the product in the hands of customers as quickly as possible. This also allows developers to research the latest technology to enhance innovation efforts while continuing to work on the application.

2. The Company Should Highly Creative
Creativity is the USP for the top app development company. Currently, users download about 8.8 apps per month so that your mobile app performs excellently. The creative company can help ensure that this happens.

A good mobile app development company looks at things from a different perspective. They take your audience into consideration and then find unprecedented ways to make your app stand out. An innovative designer will develop an application that adapts to your digital landscape and is relevant to your business. It will also provide an unforgettable and realistic experience for consumers.

3. The Company Should Employ User-Focused Procedures

All applications serve as user-oriented platforms. Hence, it makes sense that startups want to partner with a firm that has user-centric UI/UX designers. At this point, it is important for startups to ensure that the mobile app development company is very interested in their customers and prioritize their experience.

One of the most popular and widely used techniques for doing this is to download some of the applications the firm has already created. A startup can always request a list of ex-customers to see the user experience so that some companies do not request a demo to see what they are doing, particularly for the company.

4. The Company Should Have Outstanding Tech Skills

The skilled, high-tech workforce plays a crucial role for app developers. Furthermore, they must get involved in the technical world and inform them of various crucial changes in their industry and the latest and advanced tools that will help them do their jobs in a better way. This also ensures that the company can distribute this technical knowledge to you and that your mobile application is reorganized and error-free.

5. The Company Possess Determination To Help You Exceed Your Business Goals

It can take a long time in order to create a series of goals for your mobile application. The application development company that you hire must be more than just an IT service provider. It must be well-determined to help you overcome these goals. Application development can be difficult, with many mysteries and obstacles; therefore, perseverance and dedication are very crucial.

6. The Company Must Employ An Agile/DevOps Enabled Development Process

It is also important that your app developer is flexible enough to do any modification properly and ensure that the feedback is implemented properly. The application development process must be flexible enough to suit your brand and adapt to any adjustments and modification that your team deems necessary on the road.

7. The Company Has Knowledge & Understanding of Cross-Platform App Development

It is also important that you have a partner with an experienced app development firm which has expertise in developing cross-platform applications to reach a large number of users. While serving on a platform is one thing; the division is a crucial part of growing your user base in the future.

In addition to ensuring rational production, a company that focuses on cross-platform development also prevents you from having to hire an additional company to provide support for other platforms in the future.

Let’s Wrap Up:

I hope the blog gives you a clear idea for choosing the right company within your budget. There should be various factors that you can look for in a good mobile app development company. A right Android or iOS App Development Company can fulfill user requirements keeping budgetary constraints in mind.

There are many mobile app developers in Dubai providing the best in class mobile app development services keeping users requirement and budget in mind. They have expertise in creating feature packed mobile apps with all the advanced features. You can contact these developers and have your own app.

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