When choosing the right clothes for your yoga practice, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, you want something that is comfortable. Sequins, belt loops, denim, or anything else sharp and rough is not going to be helpful when you’re trying to stretch or relax during a yoga class. Second, consider something that is breathable. It is likely that you’re going to sweat holding the yoga poses, so maybe don’t wear your bulky jumper, and choose fabrics that are light-weight and breathable. Third, consider wearing clothes that are form fitting. They don’t need to be so tight that it becomes uncomfortable, but the reason yoga clothes typically fitted to the body is because when you’re in a posture like Downward Facing Dog, it’s helpful if your shirt doesn’t fall down over your face, and if you’re going for the bind in a twisted posture, an excess of material on your trousers, shorts, or shirt is going to get in the way. You want to be comfortable, be able to move and allow your body breathe, and you don’t want your clothing to distract you from your practice.
The yoga-fashion industry is huge. There are many brands that offer exclusive yoga ranges, pants, shorts, tops, shawls, leggings, bras, and everything else you could possibly need to practice yoga in. It’s fair to say that for some people, the yoga class has become a fashion show – they want to be seen in the latest outfits and buy into the latest trends to show up looking fresh for their weekly yoga class. While this is not necessary, it’s interesting to consider why people might behave this way: it makes them feel good. For some of us, when we look good, we feel good. And if that means spending $50 on a new yoga top – go for it, it’s your money, and it’s your practice. What it boils down to is your intention: if buying a new yoga outfit is going to help you feel motivated to attend, and feel good about yourself while you’re there, then do it. If you’re mindlessly spending in order to fill a void, be wary – a new pair of yoga pants will not satisfy our need for love and belonging; we must first give love unconditionally to ourselves, because the yoga pants, however beautiful, will not do this for you.
For others, our “old faithful” yoga leggings – you know the ones, they’ve got scuffs, stains, maybe a small hole or two – are our go-to choice to practice yoga poses in. Maybe they make us feel good because they’ve seen the progression of our practice, from when we could barely touch our toes to our now full Hanumanasana. But ultimately, everyone is different, and don’t feel you have to wear something just because someone else is, and equally, don’t feel you have to buy specialized yoga brands or invest a lot of money in your yoga outfits. Find clothing that is comfortable, lightweight, and makes and you feel good, then get yourself to that class and enjoy!
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