Looking for the right consulting companies in Toronto? Here’s a primer on what to look for, and what should send you packing!

Toronto consulting firms can offer your business expertise, perspectives, and advancement in ways that are simply not possible by trying to work with someone in house. They are a cost-effective solution, and a chance to access expertise for exactly what you need. Companies of every size have relied on management consulting firms to help them optimize their business, but many others have not seen the results they should have for their investment in a consulting company.

In order to help you get the most out of your relationship with your consulting firm, we decided to share some advice on what to look for, what red flags to watch out for and how to find the right firm for your company.

Look For: Experience and a Good Track Record

Like every firm in the world, the best places are ones with track records of success. Think of past projects and operations for consulting firms as their resume or CV, a summary of their skills and experience. If the firm doesn’t have a lot of experience, they may be doing good work that’s just getting started. But if they have a short track record or inexperience in working for major companies over a longer period of time, then it may mean that their work isn’t the caliber that it should be.

Make sure that when you are looking at Toronto consulting firms you see what they have done before. Without the right work, they will be unlikely to help you towards a successful future.

Avoid: Poor Communication

Not all consulting companies in Toronto are explicitly communication consulting firms, but they should all have great and open communication regardless. This is especially true with management consulting firms, where open communication is absolutely paramount. If you are starting to work with a consulting firm and they are poor communicators, they are also likely poor consultants. Head to another firm, one that will respond to your emails and phone calls in a timely manner.

Look For: An Experienced Team

While a proven track record is important, so are the consultants actually working at the firm. Just as the firm itself should have a proven track record, you should also make sure that the people themselves have the right kind of experience that you are looking for. This is especially important when shopping for consulting companies in Toronto, where very specific kinds of consulting are widely available. Check out the team through channels like LinkedIn to make sure they are right for you and your needs.

Avoid: Paying for a Name

While there are massive consulting firms out there, that doesn’t mean that the biggest ones are always the best or the right fit for your organization. As with everything, make sure that you plan out your budget prior to looking. Once you have a specific limit of money in mind, you can start finding the right consulting firm for your needs. While the bigger firms may have more resources, they may also move slower and put more junior team members on your file.

Always do your research on every consulting firm with whom you would like to work. Pick the company with the track record, the experience and the people that are right for you and your business. This may be at a big name firm, but it may not.

Find the Right Fit

If you are looking for a consulting firm to help your business solve problems and reach new levels of success, then you should make sure to find the right firm. Overall, you should work with a firm that has the right kind of experience and a proven track record.

If you are just starting your journey, you can follow these five steps for guidance:

  • Identify the need: You don’t just need consulting. You need a problem solved. Identify the problem before heading out to a firm so you can speak directly about your needs.
  • Make a budget: Make your budget and stay within it.
  • Look at their track record: Research online and create a shortlist of consulting firms that would work for your needs.
  • Connect: Once you connect, pay attention to their communication style. Be sure to ask for references.
  • Read the fine print: This is both for money and expectations on both ends. Ensure the contract you sign protects you and delivers what need want from the experience.

At The Burnie Group, we value open communication, smart strategizing and working with the right companies to make their dreams come true. Contact us today to learn more about our consulting style and experience to see if we’re the right fit for your needs, and your future.

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