This article summarizes the key considerations for choosing a right agency for compliance help and consulting services while you seek to get an ISO certification.

After you have decided to get an ISO certification, the next thing to do is to find a trained team of consultants who will assist you fully in developing the required management system and putting it into practice. They will provide you with a roadmap to achieve certification in less time and will be your constant guiding partner throughout the journey, and even after that.

Many organisations find difficulty in searching for ISO compliance and consulting partner when it is their first time getting certified. As you may not have any criteria for choosing a reliable partner for your business, consider the factors in this article while choosing your ISO consulting partner.

5 Essential Parameters to Consider while Selecting Your Compliance Consulting Partner

Industry experience

The first thing that you should look into is how many years experience the consulting company has in the certification field, especially in ISO standards. ISO consulting is not an easy job given the complex and stringent requirements underlined by each of the standards. The consultants should have a deeper knowledge of the standards and a sheer understanding of how their conditions apply to a business.

Thus, you should ensure that the chosen consultants have minimum 5 years of experience or more. Also, you must affirm that they have served the same businesses as yours and have expertise in your specific processes.

Experience in widespread management systems

Each of the ISO standards emphasises the implementation of specific management systems such as quality management system, health and safety management system, information security management system, and environmental management system.

You need to find out that they have real and hands-on experience with in implementing the specific management system in the required discipline of your business, i.e., quality, environment, health, and safety, or any other.

Have a simplified and feasible approach

The procedure through which the consultants will lead your business towards certification is also a major determining factor. They must be able to provide you with a simplified methodology comprising a few steps to ensure that your business becomes certification-ready in a short time. A straightforward approach to certification will also be understandable by your employees and hence, they can cooperate with the consultants to achieve the end goal.

Provide tailored consultation services that are cost-effective

When choosing a potential consulting partner, make sure to enquire about its consultation services in detail. You should learn whether they provide tailored consulting services depending on the needs of the business as it will make your certification procedure eventually more cost-effective. For instance, they may provide both readiness review and internal audit services for compliance assurance. Howver, you need only the latter service because you are confident about your business’s certification readiness. So, they should be able to offer you that.

ISO certification involves certain costs which are the cost of resources required for implementation, fees of consultants, costs for certification registration, and other associated costs. While most of these are essential and non-negotiable costs, you should try optimising the costs of consultants. Thus, you should hire a team that charges reasonably while promising to meet your needs. However, never go for consultants that charge much lower fees because they then might compromise on the quality of services.

Provides compliance maintenance services

This is an essential consideration because ISO certification is not a one-time achievement for your business. Its validity period is limited to 3 years and hence, you need to continually improve the management system to maintain compliance and get recertified. Therefore you need to find consultants who will remain your partner in the long run and provide services such as surveillance audits for maintaining your ISO compliance.

The consultants have a vast role to play in your certification journey. They are responsible for preparing your business and making it completely eligible for the targeted ISO standard. They provide the major supporting services such as advisory, gap analysis, guide to implementation, internal audit, and on-going compliance maintenance. Thus, you need a professional and highly experienced team of ISO consultants to provide you with these compliance and consulting services and make your business ready for ISO certification.

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