Are you facing trouble in choosing the right sex doll? With so many options in the market, you might get confused. Buying a sex doll is like investing. So, if you do not want your investment to be bad, we have made this guide for you. The market is full of variety when it comes to customizations of the sex doll, and you need to find the right one for you.

How to choose a sex doll? What to check while buying a sex doll? How to avoid getting trapped? What is the required budget to buy a good sex doll? Which material is suitable for a sex doll? Here you will get to know the answers to these questions. By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the material types used for manufacturing sex dolls, you will get some help in choosing the one that suits you the more. After all, you need to know what you are buying when you are spending your hard-earned money.

What should be my budget for buying a sex doll?
The first thing that you need to set is the budget. The market is full of sex dolls, but to be honest, no sex doll below the price of $800 can be good. Making of cheap sex doll requires the use of low-grade material that ruins the pleasure that you can have. You can find a good-quality sex doll above $800 price. The material of the sex doll sets the price of the doll.

How to choose the material of a sex doll?
Anyone looking forward to buying a sex doll should know that in the current market, there are mainly two types of materials that are used to make a sex doll, Silicone and TPE. That choice of the material of your sex doll depends on the requirements and budgets of the buyer. Both silicone and TPE sex dolls have their own pros and cons.

Silicone material

The silicone sex doll is easy to clean and has high durability. You might get an incorporated heat system in silicone dolls. Silicone dolls offer great product quality, but they are very expensive.

Advantages of silicone material dolls
● Highly stain-resistant and easy to clean
● Heat resistant due to incorporated heating system
● Easy to sterilize sex doll due to non-porous material
● Body parts like penis, vagina, and tits have a more realistic look

Disadvantages of silicone material dolls
● Very high cost make it so expensive that many people can not afford it, especially the bigger sized sex dolls
● The material is a bit sticky, and you need to apply some powder to get a good sex experience
● Thick and rigid in comparison to TPE sex dolls

TPE material

TPE, on the other hand, is a fairly new type of material used in making sex dolls. TPE is made by typically mixing rubber and plastic; the proportions decide the properties of a product like flexibility, softness, molding ability. Usually, a TPE material sex doll is cheaper.

Advantages of TPE material dolls
● The material is soft in touch
● Quality to price ratio is good, and it is affordable
● The flexibility of the material allows the doll to bend in various sex positions
● It is hypoallergenic and odorless

Disadvantages of TPE material dolls
● Easily catches strain
● It is touch to maintain and clean, as it cannot be sterilized
● The properties of TPE sex doll vary largely according to the manufacturers

The choice of a sex doll should depend on your likes and dislikes, keeping the budget in mind. Make sure to have a look at the pros and cons related to both materials before making your decision.

How much space is required to store a sex doll?
Space is an important aspect in choosing the dimensions of the sex doll. After all, you need to store your sex doll, and it would require space. You can find a storage box for sex dolls too. It would help you keep your product off-site when you are not using it. You would usually get a storage kit when you buy a sex doll.

Clothing and accessories for your sex dolls
A well-groomed sex doll can enhance your fantasy and pleasure experience. Feel free to choose the makeup you want your doll to have and the clothes you want to see her in. Once you get to have your doll, you can enjoy yourself. A sex doll is a good way to recreate your own sexual partner and love them the way you like.

Get the best sex doll now!
After going through the guide, you are ready to look into the variety of sex dolls the market has to offer. You can choose from Asian sex doll, flat-chested sex doll, Anime sex doll, Black sex doll, Japanese sex doll, BBW sex doll, and a lot of other options to choose from. If you feel shy about going to a sex toy store, you can buy a sex doll online, and it will get delivered to you. After all, you get to have a lot of options when you choose to buy online.

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