Having the right sofa in your living room is crucial for the desired ambiance. When designing the room, care should be taken to get the right sofas. You need to take into account the size of the room, the intended overall home decor, the wall colors, and the kind of entertaining you have in mind.

Room Size
Sofas can be big or small as suited to your living room. For a large living room, you can opt for huge, luxurious L-shaped sofas. For smaller rooms, you can choose to go for smaller sofas and loveseats. The thickness of the sofa can also be customized to the space available. For smaller rooms, opt for sofas that have narrower sides. For really small rooms, you can opt for cane sofas and complement them with comfortable cushions and pillows. For larger rooms, you can have sofas that have thickly cushioned arms, deeply sinking seats, and more cushioned head-rests.

Overall Home Decor
Do you want a stylish, edgy look for your home? Or, do you want to create a cozy, warm, and simple living room that reflects your lifestyle? The right sofa can help you get the right effect. Luxurious leather sofas are great for adding glamour and chic to the living room. On the other hand, wooden sofas with plush mattresses can give just as comfortable and a more traditional look to the room.

Where sofas are concerned, you can get extremely creative with colors. You can opt for a soothing, neutral color palette for the main sofa and then contrast it with colorful throw pillows. Or, you can choose vibrant colors for the sofa itself. Colors can also be chosen to be in harmony with the overall home decor.

Entertaining and Hospitality
If you intend to do a lot of entertaining, you need sofas sets that can accommodate a lot of people easily. U-shaped and L-shaped sofas can be great for entertaining. Alternatively, you can dot a larger living room with placed strategically multiple smaller sofas.

The right kind of sofa can really enhance the living room decor and make it a place of fun, laughter, and relaxation. Make sure you get sofas with the right combination of comfort, style, and functionality.

Author's Bio: 

Donald Baker is a certified interior designer and runs his own interior decoration consultancy. Donald loves reading up on new design ideas, and has a special interest in wooden furniture, furnishings and space saving techniques. Here he writes about how to enhance your home decor with sofas.