Epididymitis, a common male reproductive system disease, is marked by swelling, enlargement, and hardening of the epididymis, causing significant pain and discomfort. While medical treatment is essential, proper personal hygiene and daily habits, including the choice of underwear, play a crucial role in recovery.

What Underwear is Suitable for Epididymitis?

Selecting the right underwear can support the scrotum and alleviate the symptoms of epididymitis. The following types of underwear are particularly suitable:

1. Pouch Underwear
Also known as scrotal support underwear, pouch underwear provides complete separation of the penis and scrotum with a design that accommodates both separately. This type avoids compression, prevents sagging and blood stasis, and reduces friction between the scrotum and thighs, enhancing ventilation and breathability. Pouch underwear has been effective in assisting the treatment of epididymitis, orchitis, and varicocele by improving clinical symptoms.

2. Boxer Briefs
Compared to tight triangular underwear, loose and breathable boxer briefs are more suitable for epididymitis patients. Boxer briefs can wrap around the scrotum and testicles, creating a relaxed environment conducive to the scrotum's self-regulation. The scrotum's sensitivity to external temperature means that the breathability of boxer briefs can help dissipate heat, providing greater comfort and promoting health.

Additional Considerations for Choosing Underwear:

1. Size
The fit of the underwear is crucial. Too small sizes can cause discomfort and restrict blood flow in the perineal area, potentially damaging sperm. Conversely, oversized underwear can cause unnecessary friction and genital pain. Men should choose the appropriate size based on their waist and thigh measurements.

2. Material
Natural materials like cotton or bamboo fiber are recommended due to their breathability and moisture absorption, which keep the genitals dry and reduce bacterial growth. Synthetic materials such as nylon should be avoided as they can lead to local warmth and humidity, exacerbating inflammation.

3. Color
Light-colored underwear is preferable for health reasons. For epididymitis patients, increased urethral discharge can occur, and light colors help detect abnormal discharges promptly, allowing for early detection of potential issues.

4. Daily Change
Good personal hygiene is essential, and changing underwear daily is crucial. If sweating is prevalent, increasing the frequency of changes helps keep the genital area dry, preventing and assisting in treating epididymitis.

Additional Tips for Epididymitis Patients:

In addition to choosing the right underwear, adhering to prescribed medications is vital. For chronic epididymitis, timely intake of treatments like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively eliminate pathogens causing testicular and epididymal lesions, promoting blood circulation, diuresis, and reducing swelling and pain. These treatments also alleviate symptoms such as burning and stabbing pain in the urethra.

Maintaining Good Hygiene and Habits:

Wearing loose, breathable, and moisture-absorbent underwear helps alleviate symptoms and promote recovery. Moreover, maintaining good personal hygiene, regularly changing underwear, and avoiding prolonged periods in one position are crucial for supporting the treatment process and expediting recovery.


Choosing the right underwear is a significant step in managing and alleviating the symptoms of epididymitis. Pouch underwear and boxer briefs that are appropriately sized, breathable, and made of natural materials are ideal. Alongside proper medical treatment and hygiene practices, these measures contribute to effective symptom management and recovery.

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