Are you interested in constructing a wine cellar? For building a top-notch room, you must choose the right wine storage design. Also, make sure that your wine room satisfies your purpose. In this context, you are advised to hire a professional contractor. Experts let you design your storage unit using the latest tools to fulfil your requirements.

Well, there are many factors to pick one of the stunning designs. Let’s discuss them in the next section to help you build a robust cellar at home.

Factors to Consider for Wine Room Design

• Appearance

For most wine enthusiasts, the appearance of the cellar is an important consideration. A stunning and elegant cellar can attract viewers. It also shows your style. Depending on your requirements, you can build colourful racks to provide them with a touch of elegance.

• Size and Capacity

Before finalising the design options, you must determine the size of the cellar. The size and capacity of the storage room help you decide the right design. Suppose you need a compact storage unit, you can go with spiral cellars. Or, you can also customise the design accordingly.

• Material

In most cases, individuals prefer wooden wine cellar because of its low-costs. Also, you can ask the contractor to combine metal and wood for enhancing the beauty of the cellar. It helps you build a modern-styled cellar in your property.

• Price

When you aim at designing a unique cellar, you have to pay a significant amount. So, you must evaluate your finances beforehand to pick a design that fits your budget. However, you must know that wine room construction is just like an investment at home.

How to Keep Wine Bottles in Good Condition?

After finalising the design and completing the project, it comes to storing wine bottles. Buy the necessary counts of your favourite drinks and arrange them side-by-side on racks. It is the ideal method of storing them safe and in good condition. Although some individuals store bottles in an upright position, it can dry up the bottle cork. This is undesirable.

When it comes to other storage conditions, the temperature level must be maintained at 55oF with a tolerance of ±5oF. For maintaining the moisture level, the relative humidity must be at 60% to 70% all the time. In the case of the lights, you must keep the lighting system turned off when not in use. It prevents unnecessary heat generation inside the cellar.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve understood how to store wine bottles at home. If you find yourself ready to build your first wine cellar, find a reputed contractor soon. Professionals know the design criteria and assist clients in constructing top-notch wine rooms.

For picking the best service provider, you must find details of his previous projects. Also, verify the customer satisfaction reports before finalising one. Other factors include professionalism, experience, and the price of the project. Once you select the contractor, share your requirements for building wine cellar racks. The respective team will analyse things to help you.

So, what are you thinking about? Be the first among your friends to build a wine room!

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Neil Smallman is a reputed architect. He is also a blogger. By reading his posts, you get to know about residential buildings, the types of wine storage designs, and lots more.