Buying the engagement ring is perhaps one of the most exciting moments in a man's life. Along with asking 'the question', of course. There are some specific challenges that need to be overcome when buying an engagement ring. There are also a lot of prejudices about buying the most important jewel in her life. But do not worry, we'll bring you up to date with the do's and don'ts.

Buying an engagement ring is a bit unfair for the man. A woman has, whether she wants to admit it or not, a picture of her ideal ring from her teens. Perhaps this image has changed now and then, but you can count on it to think about it. It is up to you now to find that perfect copy. We give it to you.

To start with a 'rule' first. The ring 'must' cost your monthly salary twice. We do not know who made this rule, but you can throw it directly into the trash. The starting point must be that you buy a ring for her that makes her heart beat faster and that fits your budget. With 'within your budget' we mean that it really should cost a bit, but under no circumstances should you get bent or take irresponsible risks. Moreover, what for one person is a lot of money, this is not for another. And what does the price say about quality? For $1000 you can buy a beautiful ring, while a ring of 10,000 dollars guarantees no joy. Print this well in your thoughts.

Do you want a stone? Then pay attention to this
Are you going for an engagement ring with a stone, then there are four things you have to pay attention to: the shape of the stone, the color, the clarity and the weight. The shape of the stone says a lot about the quality. How is this treated? And more importantly, will your future person like this? The same applies of course to the color and the brightness. In principle, the brighter the stone, the higher the quality and the price. The weight of the stone also determines the price for a large part. Be well informed about these aspects and do not be afraid to ask questions.

If the stone threatens to exceed your budget, you can buy tungsten rings with your names. Or there are ways to reduce costs without your lady noticing this. In particular, the clarity of the stone is done very complicated. Often completely unnecessary because the difference between the various degrees of brightness is often not visible to the layman with the naked eye. You really feel the price difference. You do not have to go for the clearest version: choose one that is clear on the eye. This way you get a beautiful stone for an acceptable amount.

What you need to know: color and size
For the successful selection of an engagement ring, you should also know her preference for the color of the ring and her ring size in addition to her preference for the stone or tungsten rings. Especially the latter is tricky. You want the ring to fit at the time of your proposal.

A safe way is to bring one of her well-fitting tungsten ring unnoticed when selecting her engagement ring. That way you know for sure that it fits. If you intend to ask your girlfriend in marriage, make sure you have this essential information well in advance. You have to know this well in advance, but of course you can not know why you ask. So bring it up at a good time (for example when you are looking at jewelry together) so that she does not get suspicious. If you really do not know, ask her best friend for advice.

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Misty Jhones