A stainless steel tea kettle isn’t the same teapot. A kettle is one kind of container which used to boil water on the stove that’s make the tea. The tea kettle is mostly decorative and they are not built to withstand the hot temperatures need for cooking on a stove. If you want to clean your tea kettle, Read the guide properly and works properly.

If you want your tea kettle looking great and rust-free, you need regular washings with soap and water keep your kettle clean and fresh but sometimes doesn’t remove the stubborn stains that left from hard water. If you have a durable kettle and gives durable duty as a teapot too. If the best-tasting tea, you need water to come from a clean kettle. Now we describe here’s how to get stainless steel tea kettle clean and shining.

Now we write down two types of method that’s help clean your stainless steel kettle and write down some additional tips and advice.

We using two types of method of cleaning the kettle one is Baking soda method and other one is Vinegar method.

Baking soda method

You will need:

1. Baking soda

2. Water

3. Bottle scrubber or dry rice

4. Scrubbing pads or soft clothes

Steps to clean the tea kettle:

1. Firstly, Pour one cup of baking soda into the tea kettle. And add water to fill the kettle but carefully don’t over water.

2. Now heat the water and baking soda to boiling water. After that remove the kettle from the heat and allow to set for at least 10 minutes

3. When the boiling water small cold then you use a scrub brush or other scrubber, gently you can use scrub the inside of the tea kettle. Be careful not to burn yourself because the tea kettle is hot. If you don’t have a scrubber or brush that will fit in the kettle, you can get such as a narrow neck brush or baby brush. Simply dry rice can be also used as a scrubber.

4. If stains remain, Pour some boiled water and leaving only a small amount on the bottom. If you need you can pour in additional baking soda.

5. Next, mix the baking soda around with the scrubbing pads. When as the baking soda mixes with the water that will form a paste. If you need dissolves in the water, you added more baking soda.

6. After that, continuous scrubbing inside the tea kettle and baking soda remove mild abrasive and scrub away the stains. When the stains removed, you wash as normal. Then properly rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with soft clothes.

Vinegar method

The vinegar method works well for general cleaning, removing stains and also removing rust and dust. When using this method for removing mineral deposits as well but the fumes from the vinegar can be strong, so be careful to ventilate the area.

You will need:

1. White vinegar

2. Water

3. Soft clothes or scrubbing pads

4. Rice

Steps to clean the tea kettle:

1. Fill the equal amounts of water in the kettle and mixed white vinegar. Then place the tea kettle on the stove and bring boiling the water properly.

2. Boiling water a few minutes then turn off the heat. When the water cools down before warm water temperature, then dispose of the water.

3. After using soft clothes or scrubbing pad to removing the stains away from inside the tea kettle. If you can’t put your hand or brush in the kettle, you can put the damp cloth in the kettle and close the lid. Shake the kettle to swirl the cloth around the sides, then remove the lid and turn the kettle, so you can pull out the cloth. And used dry rice which can be also instead of cloth if preferred.

4. Now wash as normal water and rinse completely clean water. Then dry with a soft cloth.
5. Besides, diluted vinegar can be also used on soft fabrics to polish looking rust free of the kettle.

More additional tips and advice

1. The scouring powders give us rust free from the kettle. Be sure to rinse it well after cleaning. And avoid using abrasive scrubbing pads which may scratch the surface. You can use nylon or plastic scrubbers are best.

2. If you need to clean outside of the kettle you can read uncoated using guide on how to clean stainless steel.

3. If you want early to clean the teapots, you watch the pot carefully when boiling. Never let you cleaning when the pot dry. When dry your pots, the stains don’t remove easily.

4. If you want to make home remedy cleaner, firstly fill the kettle to ¾ with water then added two TSP salt two TSP lemon juice. Then create mixture both boil 5 to 10 minutes. After boiling let the fully cool and use the scrubbing brush while rinsing stains out.


Stainless steel is a useful material for a tea kettle because it helps us naturally easy to remove both stains and rust. It doesn’t heat transfer easily and getting hot inside the kettle and bottom of the kettle. The stainless steel made from soft metal that can scratch easily and using scouring pads for cleaning.

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