This article focuses on explaining the things that help you understand how to clean marble table tops and take care of them.

The natural beauty of marble is unmatched. It has been used in homes and other places for centuries now. If you want to feel special & admire its beauty for decades, regular maintenance is a must. Otherwise, you might ruin your investment because of a lack of care.

So, let’s understand how to clean and take care of marble table tops to keep them in their best condition.

Clean It Regularly

Whether you have a dining or café table with marble tops, it is crucial to clean them daily. Regular cleaning with a non-abrasive or cotton cloth is good. You can even use a mild soap and a wet sponge to clean the surface. You are advised not to use vinegar or bleach because they are acidic in nature. Once applied, they are going to dull the stone. Suppose you ignore the use of non-abrasive cleaner, it is going to scratch the natural stone surface.

Remove Stains Correctly

Stains due to the juice or coffee can easily be lifted by using a paper towel. The only thing is that you have to soak the towel in bleach and place it on stains for 24 hours. For removing oil and grease, you need to make a paste of baking soda with water to place it on the stain. Now, you just need to clean the surface after the scheduled time with a wet non-abrasive cloth. If you remove stains correctly, there is hardly a need for using the polishing powder.

Seal It Periodically

Experts say that there is a need for reapplying the sealant periodically. In general, it is advised to use the sealant once a year. Suppose your furniture items are used very often for any reason, it is better to use the sealant every 6-month. It is good for fixing the marble top with frame and avoiding any kind of uncertain issues. Make sure that you purchase the right type of sealant from the list of options available online.

Some Important Tips for Preventative Care of Marble Stone

For taking care of this natural stone, there are other steps too such that you could protect the surface. Suppose you bring a cup of coffee for your partner and a sudden spill of coffee falls on the tabletop accidentally, you just need to wipe it off immediately. It is going to prevent stains.

There is a possibility that you keep books and magazines on the top of table. You have to make sure about the total weight placed on stone surface to keep it in good condition. With this kind of approach, you are going to embrace its beauty for several years.

Final Thoughts

You might be thinking about the hard work of maintaining this natural stone. If you want to create your space eye-catchy and attractive, you can’t compromise on quality. So, go with the installation of marble table tops, countertops, flooring, etc. and follow the maintenance guidelines. It is the only way to embrace its beauty for two decades and beyond.

Once you are ready to go for it, find a reliable supplier cum installer for your project. Experts can help you transform your ideas into reality as well as assist you by sharing practical methods.

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