Cleaning the crystal chandeliers with a polished glass:
The ingredients :
• Liquid cleaner.
• Polished glass.
• Water.
• Sponge.
1. Prepare a mixture of water and a liquid detergent.
2. Then remove the crystal from the chandeliers if possible.
3. Rub the crystal with a wet sponge.
4. The polycrystalline is then cleaned with a glass bead and left to dry completely.

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Steps to clean the crystal chandeliers with a glittering glass:

The ingredients :
• Sprout.
• Polished glass.
• Bottle sprayer.

• Prepare a mixture of Sperto and Polished glass and mix the mixture with a sprayer.
• The crystal nuggets are then sprayed with plenty of mixes.
• The crystal is left completely dry without any interference.

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Cleaning method of stainless steel

The ingredients:
• Amount of yeast.
• Warm water.
• Dishwasher.

1. Prepare a generous amount of yeast and add water drops to get the consistency of a liquid paste.
2. Then put the yeast paste on the surface of the stainless steel cooker and leave it overnight.
3. Rub the pot in the morning using a soft sponge to avoid scratching the stainless steel.
4. Rinse the pot and remove the yeast effect with warm water and liquid detergent and then dry the pot with a soft towel.
5. You can prepare a mixture of yeast, liquid cleaner and warm water to clean the pot and give it a luster and shine

Clean the pot with lemon salt

The ingredients :
• A spoon of lemon salt.
• 2 tablespoons baking soda.
• 2 tablespoons of liquid soap.
• One and a half liters of water.
• Bottle sprayer.

1. The ingredients are prepared and added to each other and stirring until the ingredients are mixed and the dry ingredients are dissolved.
2. Mix the mixture in a spray bottle and leave it for at least one hour for the material to interact with each other.
3. The mixture is then sprayed on surfaces to be cleaned and stains and left for a quarter of an hour.
4. Rub the pot with a sponge and wipe the mixture with a sponge or clean towel to remove the detergent and dry the pot with a dry towel.

Important tips to consider when cleaning the cooker:
• It is important to take into consideration the process of cleaning the potages of liquids and foods that are spilled on it immediately before they dry and are difficult to remove.
• You can use thermal paper by brushing it on the surface of the stainless steel tank to avoid the spill of fat and hard stains with the best carpet cleaning company in Riyadh.
• You can clean the potage daily after finishing cooking using vinegar and water solution or yeast and water and spray the bottle by a bottle of the sprayer and then wipe the cooker with clean towels to prevent the accumulation of fat and stains and get the luster and gloss of the gas.
• Do not use the coarse wire to rub and clean the stainless steel cooker so as not to scratch and deform the appearance.
• Be careful to dry the pot of water completely to prevent rust.
• Wear plastic gloves so that some materials do not dry your hand, such as lemon salt.
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How to clean the gas with ammonia or ammonia

The ingredients:
• Amount of liquid ammonia or ammonia.
• Bags that can be closed and opened.
• Bottle sprayer.

1. A quantity of liquid ammonia, known as ammonia, is prepared and placed in a sprayer bottle.
2. Then remove the potter burners and place them in a closed bag and then add a quantity of liquid ammonia and close well.
3. Put the holder or the network of the potages each in a bag and then spray liquid ammonia on it and close the bag well.
4. Leave the pages to soak overnight to melt fat and hard spots.
5. Rub the parts with a soft brush or sponge until stains are removed and then rinsed and dried on a clean, dry towel.
6. The surface of the pot is cleaned by spraying a mixture of ammonia and water on the cooker and rubbed with a soft brush or sponge.
7. The potages are then cleaned from the traces of cleaning and well dried. The portages will be given gloss and luster as new.

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