Do you love cycling? Then you have to get ready to experience its filthy state also.It seems so frustrating when you look atit enrolled with massivegrime. You should keep it safe by washing in an efficient way. That’s why you need to know how to clean mountain bike.

It’s necessary to do constantly. It keeps the accessories well. The longevity of the components increases when you care for it. After having a ride on the muddy road, your bicycle can get filled with dirt. From now on, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. In this article, I will provide you a comprehensive guideline to follow.

Step by step guideline to clean a mountain bike:

1. Check the chain:

First of all, you should monitor the chain before starting the process. If they are not okay, there is no point to clean. You need to make sure that it is not worn out at all. Using kerosene-based cleaners is not a healthy method to wash your cycle.

This process can only cause a great harm to it when you fail to wash it off rightfully. The drivetrains should spate at a good tolerance level. That’s why you need to pay much attention while working with it.

The best way to remove the dirt from it is to use a fresh cotton rag. You should sprinkle a particular bike washing product on to the link properly. Hold the bottom rung and make a knot in it effectively. Start backpedaling on the next. It enables you to wash off the filth. Repeat the process continuously.

2. Get out the dirt properly;

When you are on the way of riding, different substances can attach to your bike. If you ignore it, it can leave a bad impact on the cycle. To get the best result, take a bucket filled with enough water.

To get the best result, Use a dish soap and car sponge also to clean. Wash from the handlebars to the wheels with these washing products I mentioned. Pay much attention where dirt’scommonly accessed to the components.

3. Washing the frame:

The next task you need to do is to clean the bike frame. To do it, you should take off the wheels including other component associated with it. To ensure a lightweight position of the cycle while cleaning, you can get the back wheels off. It will be easier for you.

There are some specific washing solutions for cleaning the bicycles and you can use them for washing the frame. With a soft rag, you can access hard reached areas around the gears such as bottom bracket, triangle, brakes etc. Make sure that no residue is left there. Take care of the others equipment’s as well.

4. Clean both wheels and brake properly:

Once you are done with the frame, it’s now you’re another turn to care for the wheels and brakes as well. Take a sponge and dishwasher to clean them. If the brakes are over dirty with filth, you must use a brake cleaner. This product enables you to have an oil and grease free brake pads.

To clean the wheels, pay a closer look to the tires, hubs and necessary spokes as well. You should look at the break surface too. If any residue of the soap still leaves there, you can rinse them slowly.When finished cleaning, take the wheels back on the cycle again carefully.

5. Wash the cassette:

If you find the bike cassette filthier, you need to clean it too. Mostly it depends on the dirt level enrolled on it. You should pull it off and isolate it to clean.

Again, you need a degreaser that is commonly used to wash the mountain bicycles. Spray this product on to it and use a rag to clean. You can rotate the cassette sprockets and get the dirt off from each section.

6. Use the lubricant:

Another necessary step you should not forget. That is to get the junk off from the drivetrain and use lubricant. It helps your bike operate smoothly and makes the parts and accessories durable for long.

If soapy wash can’t take the dirt properly, a degreaser is a suitable choice for you. When cleaning is finished properly, apply selected lubricant to the chain and add it on the other gears too.

7. Dry the cycle:

You need to dry it after delivered a proper wash to it. You can use a fresh and clean rag for this task. No water should remain on it. Make sure that all parts and gears are clean and dry.

Some other tips to follow

• After cleaning the bike thoroughly, you should use a polish. It prevents filth sticking quickly and presents a smooth journey to you.

• While cleaning you should have a closer attention to monitor for any old or broken parts or look for any damage happens or not. If it found by any chance, you can replace them and get a new.

• For the carbon wheel bicycles, you need to check if the braking surface is dry or not properly.
• Chain manufacturers use different methods generally while measuring its wear. That’s why you need to inspect it perfectly from the local shops.
• Make sure your cycle is away when you start lubricating the bottom rung.

Wrap Up

You can have better service for long from your cycle if it’s cleaned regularly. A filthy bicycle leaves a bad impact on its performance. It becomes a painful matter when you see it in a worse condition. You may take a decision not to ride again after seeing it filled with grime.

If you know how to clean mountain bike, your maximum work is done. Just give it a thought that a little care can save this important part of your life better. Hopefully, this well-organized article is enough to reduce your worries forever. Enjoy happy riding.

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