In many workplaces, the item that is most neglected when it comes to cleaning is the office partitions that separate your desk from your neighbors. This is not because these panels do not get dirty, because they do; it is more likely due to an oversight by the cleaners and the staff. So, should your plasterboard office partitions become overly dirty, how do you clean them?

To begin with, you will need to find a cellulose sponge, as these pose the risk of the least amount of damage. These sponges are relatively rubbery in texture and will absorb as much liquid as a sponge can. They are, however, more durable than both paper towel and the normal sponge. If you cannot find a cellulose sponge, a normal one is sufficient. When cleaning your plasterboard office partitions, ensure that you clean top to bottom, as this means that any streaks or drips and wiped up as you make your way down the wall.

Unpainted plasterboard is known to soak up large amounts of water, which will cause it to split and crack as it dries, so use as little water as possible when cleaning your office partitions. For removing general dust and dirt, a few drops of dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water is generally sufficient. For deeper cleans, such as stains and marks, mix together a solution of one cup vinegar and just under four liters of water.

If your plasterboard office partitions are located directly in front of employee desks, you may find that they are occasionally subjected to ugly black shoe scuffmarks. It is very easy to remove these marks from your partitions – simply rub an eraser over them until they have been completely removed. Working in an office environment can also lead to ink finding its way onto your plasterboard partitions. These marks are also easily removed – simply spray them with hairspray and quickly wipe off with a towel you have wet with warm water.

Never use scrubbing brushes or pads that have a scratchy surface, as this can result in a ‘torn’ surface on your plasterboard office partitions. If this has occurred to your partitions at some stage, take some fine grit sandpaper and gently run it over the affected areas. You will be able to repaint the area you have sanded and visitors will be none the wiser to your mistake. You also need to be careful not to pull on any loose pieces, as this can result in a hole forming in your office partition wall.

Whilst there are a number of problems associated with the installation of plasterboard office partitions, by properly cleaning them you can ensure that they remain in as new condition for as long as possible.

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