When it comes to clean your ears, there are lots of ways you start thinking about like cleaning your ears using cotton swabs, ear candle and so on. It’s true that our ear produces cerumen, the earwax that forms in the outer- one-third of the ear canal, naturally migrating out of the ear using jaw movements, like chewing and talking and clean your ears naturally. It's quite normal for your body to produce the ear wax to lubricate your ears.

Cerumen features antibacterial features and keep the ears away from any infection. Earwax acts like a barrier for any foreign substance like dirt and dust.

Old ear wax tends to move your jaw and help to move old earwax from ear canal to ear opening. It frequently dries up and falls out. Generally, ear wax is made in the outer section.

When you try to clean your ears with a cotton swab, the wax is pushed deeper. Inserting some pointed substance inside your ear or swabbing can cause other serious issues:
•Breakdown of the Eardrum
•Significant Hearing Loss

Is it necessary to Clean Your Ears?
Preferably, the answer is no. Your ear canals don’t need cleaning in normal cases. But if a large amount of ear wax is produced and it is creating a problem then it’s better to get your ear examined by a doctor. Hearing Professionals used advanced techniques to clean wax of your ear without damaging the ear canal. It is also not recommended to clean ear of small children also as their parts are too delicate and can be damaged.

Is it ever necessary to clean your ears?
Ideally, your ear doesn’t need cleaning. Most of the people think like it’s a part of the personal hygiene to clean the ears routinely and use cotton swabs, bobby pins etc that tend to damage the ear and even cause hearing loss in extreme cases as these objects create pressure and may block the ear canal. You can visit the hearing aid center in Bangalore and get your hearing checked if you feel you are facing any difficulty in hearing.

How to help avoid earwax build up:
If your ear produces ear wax in large amount then you can prevent wax build up by using a softening agent once a week. It’s better to visit the hearing professionals and get your ear cleaned and examined as well.

Hearing aids and Earwax
Excessive ear wax can put a toll on hearing aids. Some hearing aid wearers can lead to increase production of earwax at the beginning. Ear wax can clog the microphone and receiver of the hearing aids, damaging the quality and performance of the hearing aids. So, it's essential to know the cleaning methods of hearing aids.

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