Glass shower doors can be a classy home decor theme. They look really stylish and add a glamor look to your interior. Initial enthusiasm and excitement about shower glass doors gets washed away when the proper maintenance of the shower glass doors is missing. A small scratch can take away the beauty of the glass shower doors, hence cleaning is a must, to maintain their original beauty. There is no need to worry at all, because cleaning glass shower doors is an easy job if you learn the technique of handling and cleaning the glass.

Cleaning Glass Shower Doors
There are numerous ways that can help you maintain sparkling glass shower doors. Low quality glass is at a high risk of getting damaged due to excessive water, hard soap materials, moisture and all time humidity. Hence, high quality glass should be the obvious choice while installing glass shower doors.

Dual Headed Squeegee
A stitch in time saves nine!, this rule is applicable with glass shower doors too. If you use a good dual headed squeegee after every shower, then it can really help glass shower doors to stay clean. The water and soap sticks and dries on the doors, therefore, cleaning the doors with a squeegee can keep it clean.

Good Product
The first and foremost thing to do is to use good quality cleaning products for glass shower doors. A good quality bathroom cleaner should be non-abrasive. Using such bathroom cleaner will help you to keep the glass shower doors scratch free. It is also suggested to use a liquid or a spray on bathroom cleaner for better effects.

Adequate Time
Give adequate time to the bathroom cleaner to set on the glass for better stain removal. It is good if one starts the cleaning job on Sunday or a holiday, so he/she will not have to rush to complete the task. When the cleaner has totally set, use a nice non-abrasive sponge and rub the glass very gently, this works really well with the glass shower doors.

Tips to Clean Glass Shower Doors

Always remember that a squeegee is the best friend of the glass shower doors, making timely use of it can save a lot of trouble later on.
Start taking important cleaning measures from the installation day itself, because once damaged, the glass doors cannot get back their original beauty.
The squeegee cannot reach the cracks and cervices of the glass, for such areas, use an old toothbrush. When using chemicals always use rubber hand gloves to protect your hands.
If you don't want to use chemicals, then you can definitely try using baking powder paste. Just apply it on glass shower doors and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash and clean the water with a soft and dry cloth piece.
Apply a little bit of lemon oil on the glass, which has hot water stains and quickly clean glass shower doors with a clean piece of cloth.

The commercial soap cleaners containing non-abrasive elements are equally effective if you are searching for a quality bathroom cleaning material for cleaning glass shower doors. Make it a point to clean the glass shower doors with the squeegee, after every shower. Try the above suggestions if you don't know how to clean the glass shower doors and don't forget to give me your response.

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